Eat Clean Food!

They say that they are sponsored by "The Center for Consumer Freedom" which they claim is supported by restaurants, food companies and thousands of individual consumers. Likely, they are supported by big animal agriculture. I'd like to know who are their top three funders, and what % of their funding comes from them. There's a total lack of transparency at the moment. Hopefully, the media has wised up to this kind of things and will ignore them.
I'm not sure I see a conspiracy here, unless it's by purposeful lack of disclosure on ingredients. For instance, under soy protein (soy protein isolate, not soybeans or tofu/tempeh) it lists small amounts of hexane residue in the final product. That may or may not be concerning to some people, but why not disclose that soy protein isolates(again, not soybeans or tofu...just the isolated version) raise IGF-1 which grows cancers?

I think it is in the consumer's interest to disclose the harmful/possibly harmful ingredients in prepared products, even vegan ones. I do not think it's responsible to make blanket general statements that mock meats are "just as bad" or "worse" than meat - but at least let the consumer know the risks of whatever prepared product they are consuming.