Dreama's back. remember me?


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May 30, 2018
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Birmingham, England
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Hello, It's Dreama. Only I've got a new username now. I was Profoundly Deaf and partially sighted when I used to post here. Then I became almost totally blind (apart from light perseption). I think their is a way of accessing the net by a braille display but unfortunately I never figured it out. I bought a braille display and a braille note with a Deafblind communicater but never mastered anything past sending and receiving emails and txt messages.
Now some of my sight has been restored and I'm back to using Zoomtext to access the net. I also have a new Mac computer which is frustrating but lets me surf the net much easily then my old one did.
Anyway I like reading, surfing the net and vegan food.
welcome back - so good that you have some of your sight back!

Emma JC
Wow, welcome back!!

I agree, so awesome you have some sight back. These are some of the things we take for granted. I can't imagine.
Welcome back! I left you a post on another thread, but I wanted to say welcome here as well.