Domesticating wild animals in the lab


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Jul 15, 2017
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It looks like in the future, you will be able to get domesticated versions of many types of wild animals. Domesticated means friendly toward and trusting of humans, so easily controlled, manipulated and enslaved. Factory farms will be able to house a wider range of animals, so as far as land animal meat, people will not be limited to eating traditional livestock animals, if they are still eating animals at all.

Also, people will be able to have a wider range of animals as pets, and these animals will be easily controlled and vulnerable. So instead of opening the paper to read about the latest animal cruelty case concerning dogs, cats or farm animals, in the future we will be reading about how someone was found to be hoarding monkeys or with emaciated elephants wasting away in their barn.

8:24 into this video quote:

"...and given that, it's possible that we could use gene editing tools to domesticate entirely new animals in the lab, maybe."