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Jun 15, 2017
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I won't sign your petition but you can tell them I support your opposition. :)

I have swum (?)(I googled it and it is a word when combined with 'have') with wild dolphins in the Bahamas and with tame dolphins in the Bahamas and there is absolutely no comparison. There is no joy in the tame ones, only a rush to complete an assigned task so as to "get the fish". The wild ones love to interact and swim with you and leave when they are done. They even like to grab a piece of seaweed and hold it with their tail, drop it for you and then take it back when they wish to. There is a picture, on this webpage, of a swimmer doing just that with a spotted dolphin

Maybe encourage them instead to visit Canaveral National Seashore and spend a few dollars on some masks and snorkels and view the wildlife, of all types, in their natural habitat.

Fingers crossed you are successful and if you aren't successful and they still decide to go and you accompany them then I would suggest doing what I did the last time I went to a park like that - I sent thoughts of love and peace and joy to the dolphins and whales and other animals and thanked them for their sacrifice. I picture a world that is free of such horrid places and a much greater harmony amoungst all our species.

Emma JC
ps I think I used to be a dolphin in another life and love them dearly
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