Diet to follow after periodontal treatment?


Aug 2, 2017
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Hey!! I always suffer from gum pain and I use home remedies like applying tea bags, turmeric paste, rinsing with salt water, etc to get rid of the pain. I feel better after trying these methods. So I didn’t bother to consult any dentists.
A few days back, I was not able to tolerate the pain. I tried these home remedies but nothing worked. I had to take 2 Tylenol to get relief. I know it’s not good for health but I didn’t have any other option. My mom compelled me to consult a dentist our locality to undergo a detailed check up. So I consulted the dentist yesterday and after examination, the dentist said that I have periodontal disease. I was shocked at first. Then the periodontist measured the depth of gum pockets around each tooth and said I have one pocket over 10 millimeters deep. The dentist advised me to treat it asap. I told my periodontist in Oshawa about my dental fear and he said I could undergo a non-surgical gum therapy. I just wonder what diet should I follow after undergoing this therapy. I didn't inform the periodontist about my vegan diet. Is it necessary to share this information? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!

Plant Muncher

I can't speak to any advice regarding your vegan diet but I would suggest at 2000 mg of B12 daily and some type of citrus to help with absorption. Right now blood flow and healthy red blood cells are crucial for your gums to heal themselves. You should consult a dietitian about the best foods for your current condition. Good luck.
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