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Apr 26, 2012
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The Debates forum is a place for opposing views. Sometimes opposing views come with strong emotions. Therefore, please be warned that discussions can get heated, and your views can get challenged.

The Veggie Views general rules apply in this forum as in all others. If you believe a post is in violation of the rules, then you can report it. (There is a report link underneath every post.) The moderators are busy people, so we don't read all threads. We will however consider reported posts. It may take a while though, so please don't expect an immediate response.

1. On-topic: Avoid making off-topic posts. This includes “empty” responses, or general chit-chat, such as "lol I agree" or "this thread is silly, why can't we stop making threads about this?". Also, any images posted should be relevant to the topic. Only post responses when you have something to contribute to the debate. If a topic is of no interest to you, then don't post in the thread. If a topic brings up another issue, start a new thread.
2. Incitement: Do not create threads here for the specific purpose of inciting others.
3. Evidence: Be prepared to support your assertions and arguments with evidence if someone questions your claim. Do not persist in making a claim without supporting it. All unsupported claims can be challenged for supporting evidence.
4. Quoting: Make sure it's clear who or from where you are quoting and also ensure the quoted text is clearly distinguishable from the rest of your post.
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