Dashcam: Man gets out of car, shoots officer

News guy sounds like he's doing the voice for a film's ad.

Hm... drugs in the car maybe? Already wanted for something? Though I'd think if it was the latter they might have said so.
He was either incredibly stupid and thought he could get away with it (Who doesn't know about cop car dash cams), or he wanted to die.

I'm surprised that police cars don't have bullet proof glass. You'd think that would be "standard equipment"
Unless they were also willing to armour the rest of the car, I don't think it would help much. Just be very expensive, and possibly cause more harm than good depending if it was heavy enough to impact handling...

I doubt he wanted to die considering how random it was. There's got to be better ways of getting to that point than driving around with a light out. I'm guessing he was screwed if they found something he had with him, panicked and tried to get away... though not very far apparently. I didn't quite get if he stopped, or they intercepted him there.

Or maybe he was just on something.