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Jun 7, 2016
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Hi Guys,
After watching mulitple videos yesterday on how battery animals are treated and even the so call 'free range' animals i have decided i no longer want to be a part in supporting this industry. I have paid extra for free range organic meat and eaggs for years now in the blind security that the animals had a good life before slaughter, that the animals could roam in fields and that they were happy. Boy was i wrong somewhere down the line the truth behind all this has gotten lost, how can you be allowed to call something dree range just because they can see the daylight whilst being crammed into sheds trampled by your fellow animals. Anyway needless to say it made me feel dirty and disgusted to be human and to have been supporting this for years supporting the sick people who exploit your trust by putting feee range on the packet in order to charge you extra for basically the same practise.
So fellow vegans. Please help, i wpuld like some support. I have an 18 month old son who i also would like to teach the right way but without him losing out on nutrients.
Could you please give me some simple start up recipe ideas that are nutrient rich for Cassius and me.
Also i would like to know how to deal with rude people who dont understand my decision. Last night o told my partner and explained just why i was transitioning. His response was oh my god you sound like a crazy vegan who is going to judge me when i have a steak on plate. My response to that was yes i probably will a little bit because unlike the rest of the brainwashed people i have given the information and you chose to pretend it isnt happening. I may be one person but soon enough there will be enough of us making the switch that the way things are done will have to change. Profit will be down and they will be forced to change things.
Ok i will stop now because i know i have gone on for a long time thanks for reading and i look forward to responses.
Bec xx


Hello RebeckaJayne!

Welcome. It sounds like you've had a similar experience to many of us. Happy to help. :)

As for your son, 18 months is probably a bit too young to start 'teaching'. Although I am sure there will be plenty of animal-friendly stories for such a young one you could read to him. Most kids stories don't involve animal suffering, or even eating animals, because - subconsciously - the publishing industry knows that young children have an awareness of what is wrong.

The Vegan Society (UK) also have this guide for feeding vegan babies and infants - you will need to jump to page 14 to see information for ages 12 months upwards. It contains recipe suggestions. You might also find these links helpful:

There's also a YouTuber called Mango Island Mamma who has been raising her kids (raw) vegan. I'm sure there are other vegan parents on YouTube but MIM springs to mind right now.

As for dealing with rude omnivores, just be gracious. Take a look at some of the other support threads; it's a common concern that gets brought up quite a bit, so plenty to read. Give your partner time. Try feeding him the information in drips and drabs, not all at once (not everyone, like you, is shocked into going vegan - it actually took me quite a long time, personally). Most people get defensive and adamant when we overwhelm them with the brutal truth, c'est la vie.

Thankfully change is already noticeable. You only need to see all the new 'free from' ranges that are springing up in the major supermarket chains to notice :) so that is promising.

Good luck!
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Krish Jay

Jun 12, 2016
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I'm afraid I can't help you with your 18 month son... I am too young to have given that much thought yet...

But with your partner, I agree with Winter.frost, time and patience is what is needed.

You've done the first part by showing him reality... now you have to lead by example, and find ways to really Enjoy the vegan lifestyle.

We are asking a lot of people really... to give up taste... nutrition (protein).. as well as life-long ingrained habits

The only way change will happen is if you can offer at least taste and nutrition back. Don't be angry if he relapses, but be over-the-top delighted when he even eats one vegan meal ;). Even that one meal is doing a lot of good for the world.

Encouragement, non-judgemental understanding, and improving the food you cook is what I would suggest...

A start-up nutrient rich dish I like is Quinoa / rice with black beans / chickpeas:

Fry up some onions, and whatever herbs and spices you want, add chickpeas (make sure its prepared properly).... add water and simmer, I also add coconut milk.
I use a rice-cooker for the Quinoa, and I have a tray on top that simultaneously steams broccoli and spinach.

My favourite breakfast right now is oats, rice-milk and rhubarb+ginger jam... (optional is mixing in a vegan protein powder like sunwarrior) absolutely delicious combo

Bon appetit ;)
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