Cruelty free grease and penetrating fluid


Aug 27, 2017
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  1. Omnivore
hi, im new to this forum and recently changed all my toiletries to cruelty free. there is no difference in cost and supports a great cause as long with other benefits.

my question today is, is there any cruelty free grease and penetrating fluid?

Im an engineer and i would like to swap the lubricating products i use for cruelty free products.

the main grease i use is castrol high temperature grease, comes in a tube.

i use wd40 as a penetrating fluid.

i also use 3 in 1 oil to lube bushings etc.

those are the 3 main products i use for work. i work, like i said as an engineer in the back of a bowling alley and want to make a change.