Comics anyone??

ty brant

May 28, 2016
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Hereford, England
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hi folks,

so I have been in this site for around a week and I have been Vegan for around 2 weeks now which is going great, so I thought I would share my 2nd love which is comic collecting.

So are any of my fellow vegans into all things Marvel, DC, Manga etc etc?

Also do any of you attend Comic Con or Expos?

Yes I am a geek!! :)
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I'm a fan of Marvel/DC but.... I've not actually read any comics, sorry!

Captain American: Civil War was awesome! I'm not sure how I felt about Batman V Superman though... It was like there was this whole build up to this mega showdown between them both, but the battle lasted 5 minutes.

Also I thought batman didn't kill people? He used guns in Batman V Superman, what gives? I prefer Christian Bale as batman. ;)
I like Daredevil because I think that he is one of the most 'realistic' of the super heroes. Blind dude with boxing skills :cool:
I'm a graphic novel person, I have a huge collection of those, but I do read some Marvel and DC occasionally. Even though I'm not really a DC fan, I like Harley Quinn a lot and I collect her comics.
From Marvel I like other female driven ones, mostly Ms Marvel and I've read quite a lot of Spiderman.
I also read manga, my favourites are Hunter x Hunter, Oyasumi Punpun, Berserk, Aku no Hana,...
And during the past year I attended the Capital Sci-fi Con and Edinburgh Comicon.
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I have respect for the graphic novel, but alas I'm really not in the habit of reading any. The last I read was a spin-off from the Witcher video games some time ago.
Sweet glad to see there are fellow comic fans out there and diverse tastes!! I'm a Marvel man grew up watching the Hulk, Spiderman etc. Now I collect as a hobby and investment. Some of my Deadpool comics are fetching good prices nightmare trying to buy them as their so expensive. But I tend to read Punisher, Daredevil as you say Gab they have human qualities.

I'm off to the Bristol Expo and Birmingham Comic Con this year but need to try London so out for the better cosplayers.
Ah Punisher, another favourite of mine. I like superheroes to be somewhat 'tangile', close enough to reality.
While I've not red any comic or manga, I certainly am a fan of the subject.
Have to say, if I had one, I'd read it with pleasure... But, I would no go as far as buying or collecting, for, it'd be a waste of resources on my part.

I watched the shows though, certainly am a fan of Anime, and I grew up on marvel shows.

Though, I'm less of a comic/TV/Anime person, more of a Gamer.