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Jan 3, 2016
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I am starting this thread to share news on climate change.
Climate change is a tremendous threat to animals as well as humans.
Certainly more animals than humans will be killed by climate change.
And many species will even go extinct, whereas humans will probably not.
So for animals it's even worse than humans which is another good reason for vegans to support strong action on climate change.

I am going to also share my blogs on climate change.

Here is one on targets.

Please demand that politicians have targets for what they will do after 1, 2 3, years in office. And vote for such politicians if and when there are any.

At the moment almost every politicians sets targets only for after they will likely leave office, which shows how in denial we are as a society, and how little we are focused on it.

Not criticizing. just an observation.
We have several climate change threads.
This one is pretty similar but has fallen by the wayside.
But yeah. I do think we should have one main one.

he messaging for the campaign includes statements such as “So delicious it’ll make Ted Cruz begrudgingly combat climate change” and “These egg sandwiches are more effective against climate change than Congress. Sad.”​
a JUST Egg truck will be roaming Washington, DC giving out cleverly named sandwiches, including the Ted Cruz Cancun Vacation......Rick Scott’s Special Interest Sammy.......Inhofe’s Hot and Cold Special​

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Nice! I choose Gina Green as my advisor. I think she is supposed to be Greta.

Which reminded me of a quote I saw in the news this weekend.
It's just a tweet from some author, Justin Murphy. But maybe the stupidest and vilest thing ever.

“Not even being provocative but if you think Greta Thunberg has the maturity to guide global policy-making then you cannot object to Jeffrey Epstein paying 16-year-olds for sex.”
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"Not even being provocative but" *then says most provocative thing ever*
is this the new "not being racist but" :)

I think the thing here is to ignore

I have seen a few similar things

it seems to be coming from people on the right

By the way if you ever get that question/comment in real life you can say "Actually Greta has specifically said on many occasions that we should listen to climate scientists rather than her, and she wouldn't even have needed to become an activist had we done so earlier."

Or try this "I have never heard her give any opinions about climate change that weren't already said by more experienced climate scientists and environmentalists for decades? Have you? Such as what?"
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Here is my latest blog:
It is on the wet bulb temperature a surprisingly little understood and discussed concept re climate change

I also note that it looks like I didn't post some of my previous blogs on this particular thread if you want to click back and look at those too
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Just a stray thought:

Is the heat waves in Europe and the USA making a dent in public support for reducing carbon emissions or do they think its god's punishment for (fill in your own stupid idea).

Ha! I think its god's punishment for animal cruelty. Oh, wait. That almost makes sense.
God: stop factory farming or suffer in hell on Earth.
The heat wave in the UK, which included the all-time record temperature, shifted the conversation very slightly.

But the UK is similar to the US. There is a right wing government in charge which won´t even do the necessary climate measures that more already support than oppose.
Some good news on climate change today. It´s being reported that the senate has passed the Inflation Reduction Act.

A strangely named act, since it isn´t really about reducing inflation and probably won´t make much difference either way.

The bill spends more on climate than anything else, including clean energy subsidies for the electricity grid and $7,500 credits for electric cars. The democrats have managed to prioritize climate this time, and all 50 of them (100%) have voted in favour, with all 50 of Republicans (100%) voting against, and the Vice President having the tie deciding vote that got it done. Nothing has yet more clearly shown how every vote for a Republican is a vote to block climate action, while every vote for a Democrat is a vote for climate action. Let´s not forget this!

Remember those Georgia runoff elections in January 2021? They were critical for the passing of this bill.

According to an analysis by the Rhodium group (see below graph) this will accelerate a reduction in US greenhouse gas emissions so that they are about 40% below 2005 by 2030 instead of 30% without this bill. Other groups have done analysis that are very similar. In other words instead of cutting emissions at about 1% per year the US would be up to 2%-3% per year.


Looking at the graph I make that about 0.5 billion tons lower in 2030 or 2 billion tonnes less emissions by 2030. Effects might continue beyond 2030 as well, so call that 4 billion tonnes reduction.

The total carbon budget for staying under 2 degrees is 1300 billion tonnes, so this is 0.3% of that.

That makes it sounds small, but another way of looking at this is that the effects of this bill would be about as good as if France had zero emissions from tomorrow.

I did some very quick back of the envelope maths and the bill will easily save thousands of lives from air pollution and climate change, and probably tens or hundreds of thousands.
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I forgot to mention - the bill still has to pass the House of Representatives. But a good chance it will since the democrats have the majority there.
The bill has passed the House of Representatives and now just needs the signature of the President.
This is really a climate bill since it spends more on that than anything else.
And once again in the lower house every Democrat (220 of them) voted for the bill while not one Republican voted for it. That´s 207 against, and four not voting.

So, if you voted democrat for congress, thank you from the rest of the world!

As I said above, every vote for a Republican is a vote to block climate action, while every vote for a Democrat is a vote for climate action. Not voting and saying the parties are are bad as each other is demonstrably not true. At least not on climate.