Choices for Elevated Health

Andrea Phillips

Apr 19, 2015
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  1. Vegan
I have come to realize, that whether you or vegetarian or vegan, there is the need to use unrefined oils and sugars to help achieve maximum health. I have witnessed vegans suffer illnesses when they don't. Our objective is better health, so in order to avoid the illnesses that low quality oils and sugars bring on, (diabetes and blood sugar imbalances, clogged arteries, etc.) it is important to go that extra mile. Do any of you have the same view or are you willing to adopt these changes?
Those who choose vegan and vegetarian diets for health reasons may or may not look at other factors like sugar or salt levels, but most will as they are more aware and care about what they put in their bodies.

I am aware, but I also have to enjoy my food, so the odd greasy British fry up is fine by me, and I enjoy chocolate and so I'm not giving that up. My father has diabetes and I am more than aware of the dangers, but I am sensible and I balance everything as best as I can.