Checking In - First Post


Mar 28, 2015
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Hi everyone,

I think this will be a fun, informative forum!  I refer to myself, as a vegetarian, yet I am not sure I follow all the rules to be considered or classifies as a vegetarian.  I do consume milk, eggs, and cheese.  I just do not choose to have any meat in my diet. 

I think the last time, I had any was three years ago, when I accidentally took a bite out of my husbands chicken burrito.  Immediately had a bit of a freak out moment, wondering what was that taste and texture in my mouth!

Before that episode, I would say I have not had in meat for about twenty years.  I use to eat meat, as a child, but as an adult, it just does not taste right with my taste buds.

Have a great day, nice to be here!   :)