Cheap vegan vitamins


May 9, 2018
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so I was at Walmart the other day and just needed a cheap multi vitamin. Well this old dude was in the way with his cart turned sideways reading every single label. So after about 5 min my mom just reached over and grabbed a cheap one. It was 5$. Then I get it home scan it with my is it vegan scanner and it says it has gelatin in it. It didn’t even cross my mind that gelatin would be in a freaking multi vitamin. So I’m gonna try again today hopefully I don’t have to elbow any old people. Like I spent almost 20$ on my jarrow b12 so is that just how it is? Also no amazon I’m talking just basic Walmart
I don't think those words should be together in a sentence.

cheap multi vitamin

IMOO, if you are going to take a multi vitamin then buy a more expensive, medical grade, vitamin/mineral (in a capsule, not a hard pill) and take them less often than you would the cheap one to balance out the cost. The likelihood of a cheap multi vitamin increasing your health is negligible.

I personally have always used Genestra (Seroyal) and so we do still take a multi/min but only about once every week or 10 days as we are getting most of our necessary vitamins and minerals from our food now.

Emma JC
I started taking DEVA Tiny Tablets years ago after it was recommended to me by a friend.
It is vegan. A lot of vitamins are soft capsules - which are frequently made of gelatin. The tiny tablets are hard and compressed - which is something to be avoided in big vitamins. but these are Tiny.
I also like that they are sort of the minimalist approach. If you just want a little just to make sure you get at least just enough every day - these are great.

They are also cheap. 90 tablets for $6.

You can use this "store locator" to find them nearby

I buy them online from AllStarHealth.