Can i have your opinion on my vegan trainers?

Can I have your opinion on my Vegan trainers?

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damani dias

Dec 25, 2018
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Good Evening and Merry Christmas.

I would like to gather your opinion on a vegan trainer I have created, with a close friend of mine. I will attach and image of the shoe below. Firstly, allow me to explain the materials and concept of the shoe.

Now one of the key elements about this shoe is the Pinatex Leather. Pinatex leather is produced from pineapple leaf fibres which is a by-product. The by-product derived from the manufacturing process of pinatex is biomass, converted into organic fertiliser which can be used for revenue or a bio-gas for the farmers, and the local community. Unlike the production of traditional leather, the manufacturing process of Pinatex does not include the use of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, which are harmful to both the environment and people making the material. Lastly, We believe this has a great impact on local communities as farmers are growing what we eat and also what we wear with no extra cost of acreage.

Our next material used was cork. This is because it is harvested only from the bark of cork oak tree (which means the tree keeps on living and helping to clean our air) it is one of the most highly renewable and eco-friendly resources on the planet. In fact, cork harvesting can help in the fight against global warming. And this material also gives a great look on the shoe.

These are the materials my shoe is focused around, Thank you! I looked forward to hearing your views and opinions.
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Jun 15, 2018
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Very nice work!

Looks great. For me, personally, I aim for less shoe support; less height on the sole. I am a fitness instructor and I find this helps me avoid injury as I get more feedback from the sole of my foot.

But, please don't change anything on my account as I know a lot of people like the additional support :)