Bramble the vegan dog of guinness world book of records 2002 age 25

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Mar 1, 2016
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No one here seems to be aware of BRAMBLE ! astonishing. vegans unaware of the Guinness World Book of Records Book in 2002 longest lived dog then ! VEGAN ! 25 years old fed on home made veggies ! like most peasants hunting dogs have been for decades I add.

It is a "modern" phenomenon to buy dog and catfood.

For decades and still now...hunting dogs we kept and others still keep...get fed not MEAT but boiled veggies pastas etc ! people in the country with hunting dogs do not feed their huskies laikas etc meat ! that is expensive and wasted on hunting dogs.

Super obviously as hunting dogs need high energy

My MODERN fancy breed my cat...were fed bought flesh content foods...what a mistake that was.

It is DEATH and CRUELTY to dogs and cats is ridiculous and unnecessary . especially for vegans.

Cancers...antibiotics...low grade below human flesh etc. it is all unhealthy besides cruel.

My relatives LAUGHED at me...more money than sense they said.

Then my female dog got stomac said go vegan the acidity in stomac is the issue...and now both my dogs are fed vegan kibble and super healthy. no more stomac ulcers.

There are thousands of long lived healthy vegan dogs and cats out there. BRAMBLE is the most famous of course.

Hope this is informative as i am astonished that vegans do not know these things.