Brain fog


Jul 19, 2017
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  1. Vegan newbie
When I was young I had terrible brain fog. I went gluten free in my early 20s and it cleared up 60% of the problem then in my late 20s I went paleo and it cleared up the brain fog almost completely.

I've recently transitioned to vegan. Although I'm still gluten free I'm not technically paleo anymore. I eat lots of beans. Black, pinto, garbanzo etc. My carbs have increased and protein decreased. Anyhow my brain fog has returned with a vengeance. After a lunch of hummus seaweed and mixed nuts I was so spacy my coworkers thought I was stoned.

I loved paleo so much for so many reasons but a vegan paleo feels too restrictive and like I'm starving. Any advice? I think I'm lectin sensitive but not 100% sure. I really want to give vegan a chance for ethical reasons but my job requires focus and concentration I just can't seem to muster lately.
You should be taking a b complex vitamin and using nutritional yeast. It helps immensely along with increasing your iron and vitamin c intake. Have you seen a doctor for your brain fog to determine what exactly is causing it? It sounds like a vitamin deficiency to me.
Maybe try adding in some sweet potatoes, potatoes and other bulky calories... maybe you are starving!

Emma JC
You could have an allergy to something you are eating. I would recommend removing one item for two to three weeks and then add it back in when you are not working and see what happens. I would also recommend taking a b12 vitamin as well as a multi vitamin. If you are drinking anything with a sugar additive to it I would recommend removing that from your diet immediately as well as any processed food items.