TV & Film Black Folk Don't: Season 2


Foot Fetisher
May 31, 2012
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I really enjoyed Season 1. It's looking like Season 2 will be just as good.

From the press release:

(New York, NY) June 26, 2012 — Black Public Media is thrilled to announce the launch of the second season of Black Folk Don’t, a satirical, documentary web series that challenges common stereotypes. Provocative, irreverent, and engaging, Black Folk Don’t asks uncomfortable questions and stirs dialogue about common assumptions of the behavior of black people. The entire series is available online at and

In some cases, “Black folks don’t” is a statistical fact — black folk don’t go to the doctor in the numbers they should. In other cases, “Black folk don’t” is an anecdotal idea and concept that is based on a negative stereotype. Season 2 is made up of audience suggestions, episodes covering things “black folk don’t do” like swim, go camping, have eating disorders, get married, do atheism, and commit suicide.

Black Folk Don’t is the brainchild of director-producer Angela Tucker, whose career has been marked with creative, bold and varied social issue based projects, including feature length films, documentary and fiction shorts, web series, advocacy videos, and PSAs. Set in New Orleans, interviewees include MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry, noted cultural critic Touré, and numerous local residents of varying socioeconomic backgrounds, balanced gender representation, and ages ranging 14-80.

“I’ve always done things that is said black people typically don’t do. I wanted to turn the stereotypes on their heads, and it was important to me to get a wide range of perspectives from everyday folks,” Tucker said. “Black Folk Don’t will make you laugh, make you pause, and I expect it will enrich the general perspective of how everyday people live their lives.”


The New Orleans Special:

Episode 1: