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What sites would you recommend for someone just starting to transition to vegetarianism? I'd like to recommend places with simple recipes that taste familiar.
Allrecipes is really good, esp because of the comments.
I wouldn't recommend vegweb for someone new. has that "look inside" feature that gives so many pages of books. I've gotten many recipes that way, and have ordered books based on the looks. It seems that they change up the pages, but i'm not sure.

I think searching any recipe with "vegan"or vegetarian in front offers the best results.
Product sites offer a lot of recipes, often catagorized.
Bobs Red Mill, Silk, Bushs beans. Eden organics. All the tofu brands- House Brand, Mori-nu,
Allrecipes is really good, esp because of the comments.
I like Allrecipes as well, although the comments section frequently cracks me up. Some of those gals can be so catty in their remarks like: "Oh I love this recipe... I just made a few minor changes!"... and then they go on to list about twenty major changes they made and it becomes obvious that they didn't actually make the recipe at all and are merely showboating their own recipe on someone else's page. I guess guys do it too sometimes, but it's most frequently the quilting-bee gals that have me in stitches.
I used to love Vegweb, but I don't dare go on that site after all the malware/virus ******** that went on for almost a year it seems. Even though it's all remodeled and apparently safe (for now), I'm not risking it. Plus I'm ****** over the way they dealt with the situation.

Whole Foods seems to have some really good vegan/vegetarian quick and easy recipes. I also like and sometimes this site has some easy recipes.
This site has a 28-day pdf vegetarian menu and shopping list. It is really 20 dinners, figuring 5 a week. There are some quick and easy, some more involved . I always have trouble coming up with ideas, so a month's worth! :D
Examples week 1 and 2:

"Items marked with an * are “dead easy”

Week 1

*Salsa Fry-Up *Rice, Greens, And Egg General’s Tofu Pad Thai Lentil Herder’s Pie

Week 2

*Coconut Chickpea Curry *Rice Pilaf With Tofu/Tempeh And Veg Lentil Stew Over Rice Or Quinoa, Veg Cabbage And Noodles (Or Potatoes) Tortilla Casserole"
Isa Chandra Moskowitz's (Veganomicon, Appetite for Reduction, Vegan with a Vengeance, etc.) Post Punk Kitchen site:

Judith Kingsbury's Savvy Vegetarian site (veg*n sale site w/many free recipes, plus):

The Veggie Table:

Every Day Dish (have to join to use)

A couple of blogs with good recipes:
VeganDad (especially good for meat substitutes)
Oh She Glows
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I have just discovered and it looks pretty good.