Media Becoming vegan can help your health and the earth's health

Dona Petrovic

Mar 6, 2017
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A vegan diet has been found to be completely sustainable for most humans who are not suffering from specific diseases or deficiencies. Large health care providing companies such as Kiser Permanente have begun advising their physicians to recommend a plant-based diet to all patients, especially to those suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes (Capps). Understanding that human characteristics and biology were not designed to endure copious amounts of meat or animals products is an important point of focus. The anatomy of the human species is much more similarly related to herbivores than omnivores or carnivores. Decreasing unnecessary meat intake or following a strict vegan diet can also increase the health of the earth. The UN has declared that shifting towards this type of diet is the best way to combat climate change, decrease world hunger, and minimize ecological devastation because farming animals is the single greatest cause of greenhouse gases, land use/degradation, water pollution, and rainforest devastation (Caps). Following a vegan diet is sustainable, can increase human health, and can increase environmental health.

Capps, Ashley. “Catching Up With Science: Burying the “Humans Need Meat” Argument.” Free From Harm, 15 Sept. 2016. Web. 21 Feb. 2017. < >
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It is good to see that the UN has been advising that a vegan / plant based diet is the way to go. I have been eating such a diet for nearly 21 years ... triggered by a dx of MS ... I as still prancing about ... I feel strongly that it does make a diff.