Physical Exercise Back to work...


Jun 7, 2012
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Ottawa / Vermont
I've mentioned Ross Enamait and a few times back on veggieboards. His literature is basically my bible when it comes to fitness. And every year I think I'm catching up, and out comes a new annual compilation that tells me I'm not quite there yet :)

True, I've had a newborn, moving, and a host of other things to deal with this year, but who hasn't? Like the subject says, time to get back to work so I'm not too far behind when next year's compilation comes out lol.

If anyone is interested in fitness as it relates to combat sports (endurance, explosive strength, fast twitch muscle fiber development, etc.), or functional fitness in general (as opposed to simply looking fit), I highly suggest taking a look at some of his books, particularly "Infinite Intensity" or, if you're like me and prefer to minimize the use of free weights for whatever reason, "Never Gymless."