Are we approaching a tipping point?


Aug 19, 2017
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Hi everybody - 14yr vegan here, very keen to spread the message.

I spend a lot of time online, and was feeling the need to interact with other vegans. I'm on twitter, always try to join in the various vegan hours, but outside those times, I feel there's something missing.

I've never been so hopeful that our time has finally arrived, but there are more and more indications that we're approaching a tipping point. One of these is that the Guardian now has a weekly vegan cookery column!

I'll have a look around the forum, there may be others discussing this elsewhere.
I hope I'm wrong Bread and Wine, but I suspect we are not reaching a tipping point. I think this is a steady process that will take decades more and into the next century before we eventually get a mostly vegan world. If you don't see massive change in a few short years don't be disillusioned. It is a slow process and just by setting an example yourself you are helping a little.

Look back after 20 years of being a vegan and you will see a notable difference. But after 1 or 2 years you are not going to hardly notice any difference. Many great causes are like that and unfortunately it's something that we have to accept.

However fast the change is though, we are seeing change. I'm only in my 30s but I can already see changes within my lifetime.
Hi Jamie

Call me a cock-eyed optimist (and many do!), but there are just so many straws in the wind. Only today I heard of three new vegan supermarkets opening in Paris:

(I'm aware that a vegan supermarket closed in Germany - apparently because there were so many vegan products being sold in other shops. Maybe that'll happen to these French vegan supermarkets.

It's true that I'm in sort of an echo-chamber - I go online so much looking for vegan websites, etc, so I get fed (excuse the pun!) all this info. One site I look at daily is :

Almost every day there is fresh evidence of the growth of the movement. The Guardian Magazine recently introduced a weekly vegan cookery column. Sainsbury's now has seven different vegan cheeses - and Tesco has been voted 'most vegan-friendly supermarket'. And there are new films promoting a WFPB diet coming out all the time, made by the film industry, not just enthusiastic amateurs.

I'm going to stick my neck out and say that the tipping point is as close as 5 years away. I'll make another bet and say that next years Veganuary is going to be huge!

Best to you.
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