Are The New Takis Stix Flare (not Fuego) Vegan


Jun 9, 2021
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so today someone gave me 3 bags of takis fuego blue heat and stix flare i promptly scampered online and start looking up if i can eat them what i found is that both fuego and blue heat takis are vegan (and yes i know that the colors RED 40 ect* were be tested on animals in other industries) fuego and blue heat both taste the same its just a color swap i even double check back to back anyway after all this i went looking to see if i can eat stix flare takis and i could not find a thing about them only the stix fuego variant this is driving me crazy because it says it contains "natural flavor" with we all now is just a blanket term for what ever junk they want to put in us witch means for me at least i dont now if i can eat them can some one please find out and publish there findings Takis as a compony is good about being called by vegan originations in the past best of luck if some one can do this or find other info that i could not