Any vegan musicians? let's start a band. i'm dead serious.


Apr 25, 2018
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It's been my lifelong dream to be in a band of veggies. The Beatles. Yes. Genesis. Led Zeppelin. Back in the 70s these were the bands that really pushed the creative envelope, and it's no coincidence that they were all vegetarians (except Zeppelin's drummer but we'll give him a free pass since he was awesome).

I fully believe that vegetarians/herbivores think differently, and this alternate thought process really comes out when creating music or art.

So who's in?

You'll have to be able to record on your own and send files by email, but I have access to a recording studio and can put it all together.

Style? I'm open. My own style is sorta retro prog alt rock, influenced by the bands I mentioned above. Here's an example:

(Damn. Forum won't let me include a link because I'm new. Just google Sixes and Sevens - Last of the Libertines)