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Jan 27, 2016
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Essex, UK
  1. Vegan newbie
Im Stefan from Essex, UK. I have been vegetarian for about 6 months, slowly creeping towards vegan. My current diet is pretty much vegan now.....except.... milk chocolate. Haven't quite got one over on that yet. Im a father of two omnivores and married to an omnivore.
I have heard of Moo Free, will take a look at the others. I'm yet to try any vegan choc yet but watch this space :)
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I've tried various vegan chocolate, but I find that together with the milk they seem to have removed the sugar too. I like my chocolate to be sweet.
Well I got some Moo Free Cranberry & Hazlenut and a small bar of Plamil.
I like the Moo Free and so do the kids! Not a fan of the Plamil, fortunately our two year old loves it so it won't go to waste
Hi there, hope your veganism is going well! The most 'milky' tasting chocolates I have tried are these Caramel Choices: They have soft centres and solid milk chocolate on the outside. My non-vegan family all enjoyed them and couldn't tell the difference! I've seen them in Holland and Barrett as well as on Amazon.

I run the site, which lets you search the main UK supermarkets for vegan products. It's still a work in progress, but might be helpful to you for finding stuff like chocolate that's sold in normal shops - most do some little milk chocolate bars in their own brand free from ranges :)
I tried this today for the first time from co-op:

Surprisingly it was probably the best vegan orange chocolate bar I've had.