Animal rights and media....


Apr 30, 2018
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I am finding it hard to play a game which doesn’t feature exploitation of animal’s in some way or a movie.
for example, I wanted to play a sudoku game but the wolves in the theme of the game wear feathers and the story seems sad. There is also a book series which piqued my interest but it’s about fighting cats apparently (Warriors) the art interested me. Then there are colouring games, most of the pics are like meat or just pics that make me unconfortbale.
I also was interested in playing the latest Crash Bandicoot game but as far as I can remember that has fighting other animal characters.
I was playing a Care Bears game but found the game had a character being beaten. Despite the character being bad it didn’t make me happy.
I used to love Shaun the sheep but that show is awful and abusive. The farmer treats his animals like trash and it has mock violence.
I have wanted to watch Inside out but apparently it features a dog cut in two chasing it’s tail. I was into catching up on some land before time but that has violence towards dinosaurs and killing.
There are other shows which I used to like but I notice abuse in some shape and form.
I used to love period dramas but they all feature horse riding. Surely they can use cgi for horse riding?!
I am into watching some anime movies but unsure if these are safe either. I’m into watching weathering with you, garden of words etc. But they tend to glamourise pedo type behaviour and underage relationships. That goes against what I believe in. I’m lost.
is there any safe media?
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