Alergic to fruits and vegetables HELP!

Jordan treichel

Dec 30, 2016
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So i have wanted to make the vegan transition for over a year now but i have one issue i have oral allergy syndrome this is when my body mistakes proteins in raw fruits,vegetables, nuts, and grains for pollen causing an allergic reaction. My mom being hard headed has never let me see a doctor instead telling me to work around it. I was probably malnurished for 7 years of my life not eating fruits and only being able to eat s select amount of vegetables. Now being older i want to get my health back and i try to cook vegetables and get a balanced amount into my diet alothough it is extreamly difficult having to cook for every single meal. I am a chef and dont mind cooking i just need help with balancing a vegan diet in which most raw food is not an option. I dont want to pay to see a dietitian so vegan community please help!! I can eat raw oranges lemons limes bananas cucumbers avocados and lettuce. What are some ideas that could help make my vegan life a little easier so far i boil berrys and freeze them and add about a cup of these berrys and s banana to my pordge in the morning and was thinking of doing the same sort of thing with a green vegetable smoothie using almond milk as a snack between lunch and eating stirfrys for dinner but i honestly have no idea what i need in my daily diet to be healthy
Hi Jordan,

Eating healthy is not as difficult as many people think. Besides B12 which I take as a supplement, I eat potatoes, rice, beans, some fruits (optional). Based on my research, I believe that all the large and successful civilisations of the world were starch based rather than fruit based, so hoping that using potatoes rice, beans, wheat and other starches you can make plenty of delicious meals.