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Indian Summer

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Apr 26, 2012
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Oxon, UK
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You may have noticed that the ads we had here on Vegan Forum have been gone for a little while. (I'm not talking about the Ads section, but the stuff that pops up above/below threads and private messages that most people normally try to block with an Ad Blocker.)

My approach to the costs/profits aspect of running Vegan Forum goes like this:

I don't do this for profit, but as a service to the community and to help the vegan cause. I'm committing my time and effort, and inevitably I will also have to cover a lot of the costs. However, for those of you who find this forum useful and/or enjoy spending time here, I'll make it possible to contribute a small sum towards our operating costs. This will of course be entirely voluntary - please do not feel like you have to contribute. (But if you do, know that your contribution will be greatly appreciated.)

This model has served us well over on Veggie Views, and I hope it can work here as well.

I'll post another thread in a few weeks time or so when the contributor/supporter membership program is ready to launch.