A snoe with three popular dog breeds


Jan 31, 2018
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The dog is a very lovely creature; it is called the animal, and it is an animal that is used by humans soon. As you know, dogs like other animals of different breeds, but dog breeds are much larger than the rest of the animals. In Dr Pet's article today, you can find three lovely breeds in dogs.
Dog terrier

Terrier dogs are a group and a special kind of dog that includes different breeds. They are originally nursing and hunting baits such as fox, blind mice, gravediggers and rats. Their name comes from the Latin word "terra" meaning "earth". However, some people joke that the name of this dog comes from the word "assassination"!

Three lovely breeds in dogs

Tyre Dogs are seen in various shapes and sizes, but the moral, angry, insidious, and energetic nature of each other! Terrier dogs for those who are bored and witty, clever dogs and nurtured.
Doberman dog

Doberman, a dog with the attraction that many know as a police dog! The most prominent features are "smart" and "good".

Three lovely breeds in dogs
Where came from Doberman?

The Dogman Dog was first discovered in an area known as Apolda in Germany, officially discovered in 1900, but it is known that it was a decade before, the name of this race was from Louis Doberman (an Apolda) taken.

Three lovely breeds in dogs

Long and raised ears, mainly brownish-colored eyes, very strong teeth, and mostly black nose, are the hallmarks of the Doberman dog breed. His breasts are wide, so that he can clearly show his strength!

The legs are muscular, their hair is thick and smooth, and their body color is mostly black with a brownish color (some of them may also see veins of blue and ocher).
Doberman ethical features

Doberman is a bareback dog! She is very energetic, brave and well-trained and caring for her owner. For this reason, the dog is considered a good guardian. With other humans and dogs, it behaves very well, but with strangers it's not at all nice and aggressive!

It's better to know that Doberman is one of the most important dog breeds in the world! Doberman is more often used as a watch dog or watchman, but because of the police, he also called the police dog for the abilities that the dog uses heavily. Tracing, rescuing, searching and, of course, not knowing the most important reason that made the police use this dog as an inhuman humanitarian force!

Three lovely breeds in dogs
Keep Doberman safe

The longevity of this race is on average 7 to 8 years old, but if the health and nutrition of these dogs are controlled and appropriate, they will last for ten or twelve years. You can also keep Duverman in the apartment, but you must consider that this breed needs to have physical activity throughout the day and can be considered the most suitable place for keeping the yard with an average size, and of course, watch out for your dog's own food Be careful!

The best weather for keeping the Doberman, temperate weather and this race is cool weather. As it was said, this race has a unique temperament and an adventure in its own right, hence the need for more care, behavior, and maintenance, so that it does not carry out dangerous work.

Three lovely breeds in dogs
Dog bulldog

Today we plan to introduce one of the most loved breeds of dogs to you. Unique Race with Unique Features! As you know, there are different breeds of dogs in the world, but the dog bulldog can be a great friend for you as a pet.

Three lovely breeds in dogs
Bulldog shape

Bulldogs are plain-looking, with a short, short stomach. In most cases, the skin under their neck is hanging. They have a lot of wrinkles on their bodies and their dandonels are always visible due to their hanging lips. Bulldog tail breaks short and soft hair. The longevity of this race is about 8 to 10 years old, of course, the living conditions and the type of nutrition will be very important during his lifetime. Naturally, the adult male adult weight is about 25 kg and the female is about 22 to 23 kg.

Three lovely breeds in dogs
Learn and Learn Bulldog

It's better to start the bulldogs like so many other pets, just like children, but do not worry, they're doing pretty well at older ages because of their high learning power. The point you should take is that the type of training this breed is a bit different, since the Bulldog is a single dog and has a high intelligence.

Three lovely breeds in dogs
Care and Health

The bulldog race requires more attention and care than other breeds because of the type of physics and wrinkles it has on its body! Therefore, the skin should be cleaned regularly to avoid skin and skin problems.

A suitable place for keeping these types of dogs can be the house and the apartment. The high temperature can be aggravated for this breed, so it's best to take them around. Do not have to worry. You do not need to walk for hours, as we said, these dogs can not have long physical activity due to their form of form.

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