96 year old goes vegan walks miles ! PCRM youtube video.

Vegan Dogs

Mar 1, 2016
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Wonderful account...morale boosting and shows even oldies can change attitudes

My dogs are hyper energetic too on their vegan diets...i went vegan after they did lol...saw how healthy they were hyper energy ...and thought...why not me ? what is my excuse ? what nutrients would i not get from a vegan diet ?

When i researched things...i was fascinated to discover...nutritional yeast for HUMANS is more alkaline than the nutritional yeast for vegan fed dogs...which is more acidic...as they and vegan cats need if eating this rich in vitamin B brain nutrient that is so healthy of Nutritional Yeast.

ENGEVITA is the name of the most common nutritional yeast humans take....Vegeyeast is the name of the most common nutritional yeast dogs and cats take.aa exocet.jpg
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