7th Grade son's 5 paragraph essay


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May 4, 2019
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Would you eat your dog because he tastes good? No. Because you love him, it is a life, and that is wrong. We should stop murdering animals for food because it is horrendous on your health, destroys the environment, and brutalizes animals.

Murdering animals for food is horrendous on your health. Eating meats is poisonous because our bodies are meant to eat plants. For millions of years, humans were eating plants. Our digestive systems are like herbivores not carnivores. You are more likely to get cancers and heart diseases and type two diabetes. Vegans and vegetarians live six to ten years longer than meat eaters.

Murdering animals for food destroys the environment. First, farmers must chop down forests for farms to produce food for the animals. Second, to produce that much food, they must use pesticides that pollutes the soil. Third, the amount of greenhouse gases made from producing meat is more than the greenhouse gases used for all the world’s transportation. The amount of greenhouse gases to produce one hamburger is equivalent to driving a small car 20 miles.

Murdering animals for food brutalizes them. They get their testicles, beaks, and horns chopped off without painkillers. They are packed into cramped cages. Mother animals are separated from their children. The cages are incredibly filthy and never cleaned. They literally sleep on their own feces. When they are being transported to the slaughter house, they don’t get fed. They will get transported no matter what. For example, the weather could be burning hot, freezing cold, or raining. During the transportation, it is not unusual for the animals to die. Once they are at the slaughter house, they will get their throats slit which does not always kill them. Then they sometimes get their ears, hooves, and tails chopped off while they are alive. Then, they still may be alive for the boiling process to remove hair and skin.

Be vegan now because it saves animals, your health, and the environment. Vegetarian is not enough. If you are a vegetarian, you still eat dairy products such as milk