51 years and time to change


Dec 12, 2015
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I've joined this forum to learn as much as I can about transitioning to becoming a vegan.

So I'm a 51 year old guy living in a small Lancashire town who after eating out with friends at a well known steak restaurant decided to make the biggest lifestyle change I have ever started on.

Not wishing to say too much, but although I have been very fit and healthy in the past, I now have a number of medical conditions that means I am on daily meds. I've realised that diet plays such a big part in my wellbeing. Gone are the days where I could fuel my body's with anything without consequences.

I've switched on to being a no meat athlete and this fuelled my interest in becoming a vegan. I'm now enjoying a little bit of running and I have started to notice the benefits in changing my diet.

Looking forward to being. Part of the community!
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Welcome! I had a similar experience at a dinner party whilst eating coq au vin. Something in my head said 'this is the last time you will ever eat meat' and it was!