2017 petas sexiest vegan finalist


Jun 7, 2017
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Hey :) My names Natasha James, I'm new to this forum but I'm loving it!! I have a vegan treat business called Rawcells. Every recipe is functionally designed to be diabetic friendly and helps heal the body on a cellular level. I created my business to help inspire more people to go vegan and give those with chronic illnesses a healthy alternative.

I'm a finalist for PETAS 2017 sexiest vegan and need you guys help to win. All you need to do
is go to https://www.peta.org/features/sexiest-vegan-next-door-contest-2017/vote/
and vote for Natasha! You can vote everyday until the 23rd.

To hell with the corporate junk food industries and factory farms, I'm trying to win to spread the knowledge!!
Let's keep inspiring more people to go vegan, stop animal torture and coexist!

Don't know you but love you all for helping change the world by being vegan

I'd love to chat, say hi sometime!