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  1. Jinendra Singh

    11 vegan books to read this summer that are not just recipes

    Come summer and some of us would be happy lying down on the beach {or pool} entranced by a book rather than kayaking with friends or playing frisbee. For others summer means the stifling heat in the metro, being ever so close to people’s armpits on the commute into work. In a situation like...
  2. Jinendra Singh

    5 rules every vegan should break

    Some rules are meant to be broken. Besides breaking rules can give you that high you’ve been seeking for long – the feeling of a rebel. A vegan lifestyle often demands discipline and an extra amount of effort like scanning every product’s ingredients list thoroughly before making any purchase...
  3. Jinendra Singh

    My favorite ethical fashion brands

    My Favorite Ethical Fashion Brands At The Green Showroom At Berlin Fashion Week The ethical fashion movement has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, and one positive result is that there are many ethical platforms at major fashion weeks across the world, including the ones in Berlin...
  4. Jinendra Singh

    Is vegan-friendly fashion actually bad for the environment?

    What are Your suggestion
  5. Jinendra Singh

    Anyone knows about vegan shopping website in germany

    hello, friends, I'm looking for vegan shopping websites in Germany. I want to place an order for the cousin on his birthday and just want to surprise him with the special vegan gift. So please help me to find out vegan websites.
  6. Jinendra Singh

    France set to ban sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

    France is set to ban the sale of any car that uses petrol or diesel fuel by 2040, in what the ecology minister called a "revolution". Nicolas Hulot announced the planned ban on fossil fuel vehicles as part of a renewed commitment to the Paris climate deal. He said France planned to become...
  7. Jinendra Singh

    Veganism found to be the best diet for weight loss

    It used to be for college students, yoga instructors, and people who named their children after planets, but veganism—foregoing every kind of animal product, from beef and milk to eggs and even honey—is the hottest diet trend around, and for good reason: Brand new research says it’s the absolute...
  8. Jinendra Singh

    How to make delicious high protein quinoa salad

    Any suggestion for making it more better or add-on of new ingredients
  9. Jinendra Singh

    How to prevent vitamin b12 deficiency among vegans and vegetarians?

    vegetarians, and especially vegans, have a tough time getting enough Vitamin B12, an essential nutrient that pretty much only comes from animal sources, such as eggs, chicken, beef, and dairy products. Even Vegan advocates in documentaries like concede that Vegans will do best if they take...
  10. Jinendra Singh

    What is the worst thing about being a vegetarian or a vegan?

    Do I have select only one? I have had my fair share of interesting experiences trying to get vegetarian food. They sound funny when I think about it, but trust me was quite a bit irritating when they happened.
  11. Jinendra Singh

    How to stay vegan while traveling with non-vegans

    For most people, the weeks before a vacation are filled with pure excitement. If you’re a vegan planning a trip with non-vegan friends, though, that joyful anticipation might be tinged with a little bit of dread. Staying vegan while on the road might already sound daunting to you, and doing it...
  12. Jinendra Singh

    Foods that boost metabolism?

    Has anyone tried supplementing a healthy diet with things like cacao or matcha that supposedly boost your metabolism? Obviously, it doesn't replace a healthy diet and exercise but has you noticed any positive results from foods like this?
  13. Jinendra Singh

    9 tips for living with less plastic ?

    Living with less plastic is my biggest goal for 2018! Does anyone have any other tips? we need to cut the use of plastic from our daily life, even though what we wear it also affecting the nature we need to consume more vegan clothing
  14. Jinendra Singh

    Vegan supplements for digestive system

    Hi, I want to know if anyone knows of any good vegan supplements that helps with the digestive system? I am taking Align but it contains milk. It's the only supplement I have tried that works. It helps some with my permanent chronic constipation condition. This is what Align is known for...
  15. Jinendra Singh

    Would you continue to be vegan if you had to grow every single vegetable you wanted to eat? why or

    Would you continue to be vegan if you had to grow every single vegetable you wanted to eat? Why or why not? what do you all think
  16. Jinendra Singh

    Is eating meat bad for your soul?

    Whether animal or plant, all living things take part in the endless cycle of birth and death; humans are no different. All animals are a gift from mother earth, which nourishes us and teaches us to grow. We need to be grateful for the bounty of the natural world, and not abuse it. what about...