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  1. VeganMark

    Is vegan dating possible?

    Hi, I understand your frustration, but I have become ** very lonely because of my choice to be a Vegan man ** preferring to date a Vegan woman or at the very least a Vegetarian woman. The smell and sight of dead flesh, let alone watching someone consume it is simply not me, it makes me feel...
  2. VeganMark

    Is this a balanced vegan diet or am i eating too much?

    Hi, Well done for going Vegan, please see below for a few meal ideas, but you must ensure that your Vitamin levels are good too, get your Doctor or suitably qualified practitioner to periodically check these, especially the 'B' Vitamins i.e. B12, B9, B6 as well as Vitamin 'D' as these are...
  3. VeganMark

    Events Vegan rally co-driver required

    Hi RallyGirl, I hope you are well. I'm based in Louth about 24 miles east from Lincoln, my Mobile number is 07763561114 or if you prefer my Landline it is 01507610091, I look forward to hearing from you. Take care. Mark
  4. VeganMark

    Flushing, adrenal gland dysfunction

    Hi, Herb description (NOT Vegan): Other reference: Hope this helps. Take care. Mark
  5. VeganMark

    Veterinary student.

    Hi, If you need to talk anytime, just message and I'll answer ASAP. Keep studying though, for in the long run you will 'be able to help animals in the best way possible'. Take care. Mark
  6. VeganMark

    Survey Fitness for Vegans and Vegetarians

    Hi, Here's the answers to your questions: 1) Goals? After no exercise at all for 3o years, to attend the Gym at least 4 X 1 hour sessions per week to complete half Cardio and half weight bearing exercise to improve overall health and fitness. Improve your physique? Not really, content with...
  7. VeganMark

    Service housekeeper for vegans or vegetarians

    Hi, Did you get fixed up? Take care. Mark
  8. VeganMark

    Events Vegan rally co-driver required

    Hi, Are you still looking for a co-driver? I used to race, albeit bikes so my experience may come in useful? Take care. Mark
  9. VeganMark

    Survey Creating a new phone app, need your help!!!

    Hi, I could help, I'm a Web Designer, any questions, please ask. Take care. Mark
  10. VeganMark

    Product Theteenyturnip t-shirts

    Hi, Great idea, I love them! If you need a Website of your own, I'm your man, any questions please ask. Take care. Mark
  11. VeganMark

    Service Vegan website designer

    Hi, If you need a fully responsive Website either Business or Personal, then please do not hesitate to contact me, I can provide: 1) Example work. 2) References. 3) Match and better any genuine like for like quote. Take care. Mark