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  1. orlaellen

    Hi from england

    Hi, My name is Orla and I come from (guess where?) England. I am 18 years old and have been vegan for one whole week! I have also been vegetarian from July 2015, so it was a long time coming. I live with my parents and two of my brothers, all of whom are not vegan. This makes it a little...
  2. orlaellen

    New years eve dilemma

    I'd definitely ask, as the potatoes may have butter on them! Most places would be willing to accommodate even if it is just slightly
  3. orlaellen

    Eating and drinking on the go

    Hi, I'm new at veganism although an experienced vegetarian. I used to love getting a hot chocolate in the morning on my way to school, but I find that lots of places aren't able to make vegan hot chocolates for me even with soya milk as there is usually cow's milk in the powder. I know that I...