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  1. Nathan

    Hello i'm nate!

    My Current posts are kind of sad because that's pretty much the reason I joined, to share my struggles. I'm Nathan, I'm A teenager than has been a proper Vegan for just under a year. I spent the time before than eating sushi every blue moon. Aside from that, I never ate meat, cheese or eggs and...
  2. Nathan

    Struggling to cope with the way things are

    This isn't about me stopping Veganism, because I've absolutely adored Veganism so far, excluding all the sad news and stuff, it's tasty, slimming, and it introduces you to some of the most lovely people! But I have been having a lot of physiological issues, and I was wondering if anyone else...
  3. Nathan

    House cat or indoor rabbits?

    I'm extremely stuck for choices, my Foster parents have told me to adopt a cat because they are easier to care for, but I know full well that I will spend every day feel guilty if I have to feed them meat. I understand that they need meat because I researched their dietary needs in depth...