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  1. chickendminus

    Aw I never saw this until now, but thanks so much Sax!

    Aw I never saw this until now, but thanks so much Sax!
  2. chickendminus

    Losing my temper with non vegans

    It kills me too. I've only been vegan for a few months, but I'm not sure how I'll go back home to my very carnivorous family or friends. Meat and animal products disgust me, and so do the eaters of them. Even when I wasn't vegan, I never morally justified my eating meat. I knew damn well I...
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    Chicken eggs

    A question I have, which is somewhat related to this is: if you can't sell animal products, (in the ethical sense), why would anyone own any farm animals? Obviously there are things like animal sanctuaries and what not, but would people really just have chickens or cows as pets in their...
  4. chickendminus

    Is empathy/compassion a finite resource?

    Lou, this an interesting post and I don't even have an opinion necessarily, just wanted to thank you for giving me this question. It's a real "hmmmm'er" and frankly, I am here for it. :)
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    How can I find a vegan gf?

    Try being a college student and a vegan! I'd be considered lucky to find someone who just didn't smoke/do drugs. How pathetic is that!? Despite that, I have very high standards, so dating is not going to happen for me at this time in my life, most likely. Not really sad about that, as I am a...
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    Whats something that you might not think is vegan, but is?

    Don't say oreos because we all know that one by now. ;) My contribution: Justin's dark chocolate PB cups
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    How did you transition?

    The first time I tried to go vegan I went cold turkey. This was a very dumb idea for me because I was trying to eat the same meals that I had with meat, just without it. (Allergic to dairy.) This resulted in rapid weight loss, which was bad because I was already thin. At the beginning of this...
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    If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

    Antifreeze. I'm going out on my own terms.
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    Constantly craving junk food

    If you're craving something you should eat it in proper portion/moderation. For me, I am a chocolate person as well. I see no need to cut off chocolate, as it has health benefits and is well, yummy. Because of this, I bought a jar of nutiva which is vegan and has less sugar than normal nutella...
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    What to eat instead of junk food

    Okay, I am saying this with your best interests at heart... your statement "don't know how to control it and don't want to stop it" is very concerning... As someone who had an ED for many years, this behavior/thought is on par with that. I would really recommend you see a therapist if you aren't...
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    Hi from France!

    Welcome cheri! :-)
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    What to eat instead of junk food

    Yeah, what Lou said! Just don't buy it in the first place. I have rules for myself with sweets, for instance, I only eat one cookie per day. Try to focus on savoring, as opposed to scarfing. I have this with a cup of tea and eat it slowly- its kind of a nice little ritual for me. Another thing I...
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    What constitutes as 'meat'? what about 'milk'?

    Also, what are your thoughts on lab grown or 'clean meat'? Here is a fantastic video. A question I thought was really interesting was: If we can do this with human meat would it still be unethical to eat it?
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    What constitutes as 'meat'? what about 'milk'?

    Thought this was an interesting article. :-) Let me know your thoughts, if any. Hope you are having a good day <3
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    What is your zodiac?

    I'm an Aries! If you'd like to learn more about astrology I would highly recommend Linda Goodman's books. Additionally, there is a whole lot more than just your sun sign! If you know what time you were born/where you can make one online. :-)
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    What are your thoughts on impossible/beyond meat burgers?

    How are impossible burgers "probably not vegan"?
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    What are your thoughts on impossible/beyond meat burgers?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering what your thoughts were on impossible/beyond meat burgers. Do you enjoy fake meat? Do you like or dislike these specific products? Do you have a problem with any of the ingredients? Prefer one over the other? I personally am a big fan of how they taste, however I...
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    Help. me.

    Hey man, Don't be so hard on yourself, or well- at all. You aren't a fraud... in fact, if anyone's a fraud here it's your "friend". Pardon my french, but seriously, WTF? What kind of a friend would do that? My imagination guesses that he isn't a Vegan/dislikes your veganism and for whatever...