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  1. Mbeth

    Millions of Birds Are Vacuumed to Death Every Year for Our MartinI Olives

    Millions of Birds Are Vacuumed to Death Every Year for Our Martini Olives Olives have a better flavor if they’re harvested at night, which is bad news for the birds who tend to sleep in those trees. The article never clarified what kind of olives- if they’re just sold as martini olives or if...
  2. Mbeth

    What are you reading now?

    I’m reading “Stranger in the Woods.” It’s a true story of a man who lived as a hermit in Maine for almost 3 decades. I heard a podcast about it a while back, and thought it sounded like an interesting story, so I found the book online through my library.
  3. Mbeth


    Welcome. I'm anemic, too, and lately I've been putting meals into cronometer and am finding that I'm not getting enough iron from food. (I can also tell by how I feel, cronometer just confirmed it) In the past I've managed my anemia with a product called the Lucky Iron Fish, and I'm planning on...
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    hello people!

  5. Mbeth

    The Mighty Pea is Everybody's New Favorite Plant-Based Protein

    Good story. Wish I could find some of these products nearby. I think it’s interesting that the rise of peas came from the fear of soy, but it’s still a good thing to have a diversity of products and protein sources available to choose from.
  6. Mbeth

    How to build a booty?? - ladies only

    Is there a reason an email address is required? I’d be more inclined to complete it if I didn’t have to provide that.
  7. Mbeth

    Chicken eggs

    I know arguing this doesn’t make any difference as to whether it’s okay to use eggs or not, but I never understand the argument that chickens only laid a few eggs a year, or once a month. How did they ever survive as a species? When allowed, Modern chickens lay an egg a day for about two weeks...
  8. Mbeth

    The Ultimate Burger

    I’m going to have to try this. I would love to be able to make my favorite pie- lemon meringue!
  9. Mbeth

    Mashed potatoes

    I love mashed potatoes. I never tried in the instant pot- I'll have to give that a shot sometime. I usually just quarter the potatoes, boil, then whip with the hand mixer with some milk.
  10. Mbeth

    Potato Ideas

    I like to pair chili with baked potatoes. Loaded baked potatoes are a regular dinner at our place. Chili, broccoli, cream sauce, guacamole...pretty much anything I can find in the fridge. I also like potato tacos- dice potatoes, toss with some taco seasoning and bake them, then use them as...
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    If you’ve been vegetarian then it shouldn’t be too drastic of a transition, unless you were eating tons of cheese or other dairy. I don’t know- they say cheese does the same thing to your brain as opioids, so if you were eating a lot of cheese maybe you’re going through some kind of withdrawal...
  12. Mbeth

    Vegan Maple Syrup?

    So I see you’re in Maine. Do you happen to have maple trees on your property? It’s extremely easy to make your own maple syrup. We tap three trees, and end up with about a gallon and a half of syrup. We could easily double or triple that some years. The process is just collecting it and boiling...
  13. Mbeth

    How did you transition?

    I did a 21 day juice fast and was planning to ease back into eating meat and dairy so it wouldn’t shock my system. Every day that passed I just felt like I wasn’t ready yet, so I kept putting it off to the next day. Finally I realized my body was telling me something, and I should listen to it...
  14. Mbeth

    What’s your favorite plant milk?

    I’ve never really strayed from just plain, unsweetened, unflavored Walmart brand almond milk. Am I missing out on any better options? I typically don’t buy anything with added sweetners of any kind, or added flavors. I never drink milk straight- just use it in various recipes. Would also like...
  15. Mbeth

    Cat toys

    We will make a yarn Pom-Pom and attach it to a strand of yarn. Simple, old-fashioned, but always a big hit with the cats. They also like rolling around light balls, like ping pong balls.
  16. Mbeth

    More good news coverage in Mother Jones and the Atlantic.

    Good articles. I think the labels can be useful as far as changing ideas and mindsets. Sometimes different wording is what makes something seem possible. It could be a phrasing that “clicks” with someone.
  17. Mbeth

    A little disappointed in cholesterol test results

    Curious about how much this is? I’m still fighting this mindset- I eat 4 Brazil nuts a day (they’re supposed to be good for thyroid conditions) and sometimes think I should cut back to 2. So it’s been 10 days since I cut out eggs entirely. I’ve cut down on oil big time. I’ve really been...
  18. Mbeth

    People are crazy.

    I think it says a LOT about you. How many people in mid-life refuse to evaluate their world view and make a change?
  19. Mbeth

    Human-animal communication

    I’m still in the process of watching your videos. Did you produce all of them? I watched the first one so far. I’ve always been intrigued by the horse- human connection. I loved the dog in that video! He reminds me of my dog, who’s greatest joy in life is running in the forest. My husband...
  20. Mbeth

    Vegan for five years and considering eggs

    I don’t think me rescuing a few chickens a year is going to perpetuate the industry. For the few chickens I save I make a difference in their lives. In fact, I think I’m making a slightly larger difference than just those few lives, since I’ve introduced a lot of people to the idea of buying...