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  1. Gail Robins

    New Vegan - Fat Gained, Muscle lost ?

    There are other more into fitness and nutrients that me, but my first thought is how much starch are you eating? That's a common mistake I see many people make. Try cutting out grains for a while and see what happens.
  2. Gail Robins

    Vegan Sandwhiches?

    I don't buy any prepared foods - I make everything myself. That way I know what I'm eating. I do this more to avoid chemicals and anything else non-vegan that might be hidden in the food.
  3. Gail Robins

    What do you find hardest being a vegan?

    Eating out at non-vegan restaurants. I'm down to either ordering steamed vegetables or ordering a salad and replacing the meat with avocado, but even that's getting difficult with the avocado shortage! Fortunately, I don't get as hungry as I was when I ate a mainstream diet. Therefore, I don't...
  4. Gail Robins

    Raw Sweet Potato Pie

    Oh - your veggie roast and gravy sounds lovely. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  5. Gail Robins

    Raw Sweet Potato Pie

    Who is making a pumpkin or sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving in the US? I made my sweet potato pie yesterday and finished it this morning with the whipped coconut milk, sweetened with date paste. It will still be perfect tomorrow on the big day. I don't like working with raw pumpkin... it's...
  6. Gail Robins

    Am I eating well?

    Every day I have a green smoothie - it's a great way to get the essentials into your diet. I add the greens, a carrot or other vegetable, fruit, whole flaxseeds, raw sunflower seeds, dates (if I want more sweetness), and green protein powder. I usually make mine with filtered water, but you can...
  7. Gail Robins

    Happy World Vegan Month!

    Today is World Vegan Day.... the first day of World Vegan Month WorldVegan by Gail Robins posted Nov 1, 2016 at 10:17 AM
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  9. Gail Robins

    Hi, vegan mum with vegan kids. Been vegan around five months so far. Hello everyone!

    Welcome! I love lentils, too. LOL The food industry made me very ill with all the toxic products. I naturally went vegan 2 years ago.
  10. Gail Robins


    Hm - that's a thought. I don't try to eat low-fat, but maybe I do for periods. I'll have to remember to add coconut oil to my smoothies and soups so I'm getting good fat.
  11. Gail Robins


    Hm - I eat 3 meals a day with no snacks and never get hungry. And I'm eating so much less than I ever ate before going vegan with no food cravings at all. Sometimes I crave peanuts - haven't figured out why. Does anybody know?
  12. Gail Robins

    Things to look out for or remember when transitioning to vegan

    I evolved over time. I now make my own toothpaste, deodorant, and face and body oils using coconut oil. And I only use pure Castile soap, even on my hair with organic apple cider vinegar as a conditioner. This change-over for the hair takes 4-6 weeks because your hair will go through a natural...
  13. Gail Robins

    What kind of vegan are you ?

    I'm consuming too much starchy vegetables - just realized I need more variety with above ground produce. Agree with the foot combining; been doing that for about 20 years. Started using a food app and realized I'm eating too many carbs, even though I don't usually eat any grains (so no pasta...
  14. Gail Robins

    Hello from Northern California!

    Thanks for the information. I do disagree with you on the mercola website, though. Yes, he finds ways to make money as a site owner (just like the medical and pharmaceutical industries do) and I can't say I agree with everything he has on the site, but I do agree with everything he has about our...
  15. Gail Robins

    Sense of smell changes

    I TOTALLY agree! Same for me in the produce section... I can hardly wait to get home and start eating. And I really HATE the smell of raw meat/poultry/fish.
  16. Gail Robins


    Yum! I keep sweet potatoes on hand and make it raw.
  17. Gail Robins

    Vegan Cooking Tips

    Is there a reason you peel your produce? I leave them on and haven't found that it makes a difference. I don't peel anything I put in my smoothie (using a Vitamix). When I make a mash I also use the cooking water in the mash. One tip I learned when using coconut oil - you can make salad...
  18. Gail Robins

    Sense of smell changes

    Night out with the girls last night at a pot luck. Brought vegan wraps that nobody ate. Instead they "enjoyed" honey baked ham and a bunch of casserole type sides. When I asked what was in one of the recipes, I almost got sick because it was all processed - freezer potatoes, cheese, canned...
  19. Gail Robins

    Hello from Northern California!

    I've been concerned in the last 6 months about getting enough nutrients for my age. And I've had some muscle wasting which this article on the Mercola website confirmed: I discussed it with my chiropractor and he wants...
  20. Gail Robins

    Transitioning Help

    Ran across this site that is pretty awesome for new vegans. They even have a "starter kit" to help you get started. Nothing to buy... all free information.