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  1. LoCo

    What are some good vegan alternatives to the Body Shop’s ginger shampoo?

    I really like a brand called "Faith in Nature" Their products are vegan and cruelty free and smell incredible. The coconut one seems to have my hair looking it's best, but everyone's hair is different! I'm not sure if they are only available in the UK, but if you see them wherever you may be...
  2. LoCo


    This sounds gorgeous! I made coleslaw recently, and instead of sugar I added a spoonful of vegan honey made from apples and pears. It's from a British company called Northern Pantry and it took it to the next level! Coleslaw is such a fun one to play about with!
  3. LoCo

    Successful converts!

    I didn't expect it to happen to me either to be honest Lou. My family are yet to be convinced. I think with my work friends it's had sort of a snowball effect. :)
  4. LoCo

    Successful converts!

    I am very proud right now. I bring a lot of food into my office for people to try. I love baking, and cooking, and am generally a bit of a feeder. My workmates are all omni, and initially i was met with the usual "eww, vegan". Which is so infuriating because, they are literally eating dead...
  5. LoCo

    What did you have for lunch?

    I made what I'm calling "Quorned beef stew". It's basically a corned beef stew, but in place of corned beef I've shredded and fried some Quorn vegan burgers with onions and a little bit of green chili. Instead of the usual beef stock (bleugrgh) I used Vegan bouillon and a dollop of yeast...
  6. LoCo

    NY Times: Stop Mocking Vegans

    This made me feel good. :)
  7. LoCo

    Survey Psychological research survey

    Completed. :)
  8. LoCo

    Hogwood Farm

    The facts on that website genuinely just made me cry. Literally, sat at my desk, tears rolling down my face. How can people be okay with this. :(
  9. LoCo

    Vegan in Europe

    Can confirm, plenty of vegan options in Edinburgh too. :) I think on the whole, the UK is pretty accommodating. Most chain restaurants have a couple of vegan options, and bigger independent places are pretty good too. For quick lunches, places like Pret A Manger have a good selection, even...
  10. LoCo


    Original, and the Parmesan for Violife are really good. I don't really rate the mozzarella one myself, it's probably my least favourite. One of the best ones from Violife IMO is their halloumi. It's really good to make vegan halloumi fries - it goes super gooey. I also really like the FYH...
  11. LoCo

    Toxic Algae Blooms

    They touch on this a little bit in the book Farmageddon. I highly recommend.
  12. LoCo

    Stronger nails

    Has anyone noticed that since becoming vegan their nails are so much stronger? I was chatting with my mum and she reminded me how awful my nails used to be, cracking, peeling and breaking constantly. I've only just realised that they improved within a month of changing my diet and have been...
  13. LoCo

    Love What's Real

    This infuriates me. It's yet another identifier that the dairy and meat industries are panicking. It's just not fair that they are trying to paint veganism as the wrong choice. Something not to love. We're filled with love and compassion - it's why we're vegan!!
  14. LoCo

    Is it reasonable to expect restaurants to serve both vegan and non-vegan options?

    I think it's perfectly doable. I'm lucky living in the UK, because the majority of restaurants have at least one vegan option, and it's labelled as such. I'm loving the appearance of vegan burgers in most pubs now. Chain restaurants have strict guidelines to follow, with plating up and storage...
  15. LoCo

    Vegan in Europe

    I live in the UK. Northern England. Most restaurants here have vegan options, and I live in rural farm country! If you head to London there are LOADS of veggie and vegan restaurants, and pretty much every place will have a vegan option. I was recently in Copenhagen, Denmark, and found that...
  16. LoCo

    What did you have for lunch?

    Split pea soup and homemade rosemary and sea salt crackers. Quite yummy. I have cashew mac waiting for me at home though. Man am I excited.
  17. LoCo

    Lambs are super cute

    They are the fuzziest of springs!
  18. LoCo

    What did you eat for dinner today?

    He loved it! So much so, that last night he had me make vegan burgers (The "I Am Vegan" ones from Aldi), and tonight I'm making my butternut squash and crispy sage risotto! WE MAY HAVE A CONVERT! Corn salsa is unreal! I need to make some soon!
  19. LoCo

    What did you eat for dinner today?

    Burrito's tonight. My boyfriend has agreed to eat vegan this week, to see if he can officially make the transition (he eats vegan when it's my turn to cook). So I'm making all his favourite meals "veganised". Vivera crispy escalopes, refried beans, lime and coriander rice, homemade salsa and...