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  1. Lou

    What are you listening to right now?

    You mean besides the 10 million teenagers in Korea? Oh, you mean HERE. I think you are the only one. Sorry.
  2. Lou

    A million animals...

    I'm pretty sure I was not thinking of specious argument. but I'm glad you brought that up. that's a good one to know. I'm not sure that it is the most appropriate description. I may have been thinking of a false dichotomy. but I just looked that up and I think the best term to describe this...
  3. Lou

    Vegan Maple Syrup?

    Bella what we discovered is that it is not uncommon for a maple syrup company to use animal products as a "defoaming agent". And since the defoaming agent isn't an ingredient it isn't on the label. Read the first article in this thread. It does a good job of explaining it. So far we are sure...
  4. Lou

    Love Island Vegan

    Oh, I didn't mean that Homers would be watching Love Island. I meant to say that they would be watching India's cooking show.
  5. Lou

    I need suggestions for packable snacks and meals for work

    Hummus is great for a sandwich spread. ( I use it on my bagel sandwichs instead of vegan cream cheese). Vegan mayo is usually just oil. Over here we have a brand of vegan aioli. Its no better health-wise than mayo but it is delicious and can go on the other side of the sandwich. I love the...
  6. Lou

    Best milk alternatives?

    Yes, the variety of plant milks is both a blessing and a curse. Recently the little upscale market I go to increased the number of shelves for plant milks. Both in the refrigerated section and the shelf-stable area. The variety is very impressive. However, all those different flavors of Silk (...
  7. Lou

    Bike Touring Food

    Oh, well, if you are passing grocery stores there is no reason to carry much at all.
  8. Lou

    Vegan Deals for Prime Day

    The Instant Pot should head this list
  9. Lou

    Bike Touring Food

    Five days, no refrigeration and weight is an issue? Sounds like freeze-dried food should make up a majority of your meal plans. I found this article right away. Also, we have some bikers here. As soon as they check-in you should get some...
  10. Lou

    Vegan Maple Syrup?

    I am not sure about that. but I am sure that organic from Vermont is vegan.
  11. Lou

    Bike Touring Food

    How long a trip?
  12. Lou

    Best milk alternatives?

    Try vanilla-flavored soymilk. That is what Starbucks uses in their Soy Lattes. and what I use mostly. Although I can use any alternative milk in coffee or cereal or smoothies. I can't tell the difference. It's only straight that I can tell the difference. In NY and London, the cafes have been...
  13. Lou

    Vegan Maple Syrup?

    How did Canada win? I don't see the word "vegan" or "certified vegan". I see organic and Kosher. But as we discussed earlier that may not be a guarantee. Unless the mapley syrup is from Vermont. It seems organic maple syrup in Vermont is vegan. I'm still working on the Molly Stone's organic...
  14. Lou

    Love Island Vegan

    Funny. Last night I was listening to the Better Rivals Podcast (it's for 49er fans). there are two hosts and David said when he left his house his wife was binge-watching Love Island. And when he got to Oscar's house, found Oscar's wife binge watching Love Island too. Not sure what season they...
  15. Lou

    How can I find a vegan gf?

    Oh, heck. why not a sign? Maybe with lights.
  16. Lou

    I get it! Finally!

  17. Lou

    One of the best sources of vegan protein you have never heard of!

    Who was it who said, Man cannot live on bean alone? A well-balanced vegan diet contains Beans, veggies (dark green and leafy), grains, nuts, and seeds. Guess we should add yeast to that. And although beans are important they are just one of the legs. But I'm sold, i will look for some Lupini...
  18. Lou

    Veganism and the media

    @Celibataire If you scroll up to my post you can see a list of vegetarian characters on American TV. And even one Vegan. -- I finished Stranger Things Season 3 and was interested in the actress that plays Max. I was so pleased to learn that Sadie Sink (born April 16, 2002), is vegan. She...
  19. Lou

    One of the best sources of vegan protein you have never heard of!

    Hmm. you know that comes out to only 17% protein by weight. But we are mostly interested in figuring the percent of calories from protien. Which I did the math and it's 37% which is great. Most beans are in the 20s. Soybeans are just 32%. But lupini beans are expensive. Soybeans are relatively...
  20. Lou

    Veganism questionaire