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  1. Sax

    DXE punks Fox News

    A DXE activist posed as the CEO of Smithfield and talked about the link between factory farming and pandemics on Fox :joy: I'm not sure how strategic or effective this was, but it's pretty funny.
  2. Sax

    US Slaughter rates

    I wanted to learn the rates of slaughter in the US for cows pigs and chickens and try to commit them to memory in case I'd like to quote a figure in conversation. Working off the 2018 USDA data as reported by, and rounding to an easier-to-memorize figure, here's what I got...
  3. Sax

    HIDDEN: Animals in the Anthropocene

    "HIDDEN is an unflinching book of photography about our conflict with non-human animals around the globe, as depicted through the lenses of thirty award-winning photojournalists. HIDDEN focuses on the invisible animals in our lives: those with whom we have a close relationship and yet fail to...
  4. Sax

    KFC employees serve chicken to a Vegan

    Vegan mother 'humiliated' by KFC staff who served her chicken and then 'laughed at her' A vegan mother has hit out at KFC after staff at the fast food chain served her a chicken burger and then “laughed at her” when she complained. Vanessa Franco attempted to order the restaurant’s new vegan...
  5. Sax

    Why men are afraid of plant based meat

    Here's a good article from The Atlantic today: Why Men Think Plant-Based Meat Will Turn Them Into Women A viral claim that Impossible Whoppers would make men “grow boobs” plays into long-held beliefs about power and sex. Burger King’s inaugural commercial for the Impossible Whopper, the...
  6. Sax

    Bite Back 2030

    This makes a lot of sense as a way to get kids to eat healthier. I've always thought advertising to kids should be severely restricted if not just plain's basically manipulating a vulnerable mind at a time when potentially life-long habits are being formed...
  7. Sax

    Costco to kill 100 million chickens a year

    It's only $4.99. But Costco's rotisserie chicken comes at a huge price
  8. Sax

    UK politics and US chicken

    The real cost of cheap US chicken? Chlorination is just the start Concerns about the safety of post-Brexit imports mask a bigger issue: the hyper-intensive American farming model Just thought this was an interesting article. Funny that it was published just two days ago but is already...
  9. Sax

    Beginning of the end of beef industry

    Good article from Outside Magazine on the rise of "alt-meat": This Is the Beginning of the End of the Beef Industry There’s a famous Gandhi aphorism about how movements progress: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” That was actually written by...
  10. Sax

    Cows break into grocery store and eat the veggies

    Sounds like something out of @Lou 's "write a headline" thread. So it begins... Watch This Gang of Cows Break into a Grocery Store and Eat All the Vegetables Hong Kong's feral cows are starting to help themselves to the fresh produce sections of local supermarkets.
  11. Sax

    Australia culling feral cats

    This article got me thinking. Another trolley problem scenario. Saving so many species from extinction is an important goal. How much cruelty does that justify? Ecosystems are undergoing globalization along with our economies. The process is irreversible. Is it better to just let things...
  12. Sax

    How did you transition?

    I'm curious how you all transitioned. Did you go cold turkey or gradually cut out animal products? Did you try and fail in the past? What was different about your approach on earlier attempts? What approach would you recommend to those thinking about transitioning? I transitioned gradually over...
  13. Sax

    Cat toys

    I've been wanting to buy one of those "Da Bird" cat toys lately even though they're made with real feathers. I'm not going to! But I've never seen my cats get so excited or play so hard as I have with that toy. The way the feathers spin and flap through the air is very bird-like, and the long...
  14. Sax

    Smokery farms (snl skit)

    Anyone catch this last night? "Smokery Farms will only serve meat from animals that are individually stupid and bad" The actors being grossed out by the stinky meat is icing on the cake!
  15. Sax

    How long have you been vegan?

    And were you vegetarian before that? Just curious, not a contest. In my experience so far being vegan just gets easier and easier, so it's the newbies that are actually doing the heavy lifting! I'm right at the 1.5 year mark. I had a roughly 2-month transition period where I was mostly...
  16. Sax

    Iowa ag-gag law struck down
  17. Sax

    Punk and veganism

    I first heard about veganism from a punk I went to high schoool with. In college I was served vegan meals at a punk house some friends lived at. A few years back the writings of Rudimentary Peni's Nick Blinko made me realize I couldn't live my values while continuing to eat animal products...
  18. Sax

    Short video: esther the pig

    I thought this was a well made video. It's about a couple who thought they were adopting a mini-pig but it turned out to be a baby breeding pig rescued from a factory farm. (warning, graphic footage 2:44-2:52 and 3:24-3:56)
  19. Sax

    "don't make vegans look bad"

    This is a speech by Lauren Gazzola at an animal rights conference advocating for provocative animals rights protests as a means of stimulating public debate. She emphasizes that such protests are intended to act directly on society itself, rather than attempting to convert individuals in an...
  20. Sax


    I recently returned from a 2 week vacation and my digestion hasn't been right. Nothing uncomfortable or concerning, but abnormal for me. I was backpacking and camping so my intake of fresh foods was almost zero, and I suspect this threw my gut bacteria out of whack. I think I can just return to...