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    Beautiful Vegan Women

    Yah, it is an unintelligent thing to write when most of the Internet, the sites on it, the hardware that runs it, etc were made by people born before 1985.
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    Glucosomine And Chondroitin

    Thank you!
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    Glucosomine And Chondroitin

  4. beforewisdom

    Glucosomine And Chondroitin

    Thank you!
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    Glucosomine And Chondroitin

    Glucosomine And Chondroitin Are there vegan versions of these supplements?
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    Time To Change

    Hi Raymac, You might be interesting some books by Dr. Dean Ornish. He has the only program clinically proven to reduce heart disease through diet. He has been around long enough to have his books in the library. He hired chefs to come up with the recipes for his books. His mentor was Dr...
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    Nutrition & Diet Recommended servings per day You can get a free account. You can use it on the web or through a mobile app. Type in your food and see what % of your daily needs you are getting. It is an eye opener. Most people think they are getting a more nutritious diet than they actually are until they a site like...
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    Is my diet moral?

    Your diet is far less amoral than most other people's diets. It is a pain in the ***, but you could make it moral by visiting the dairy farm where the milk for your yogurt comes from to see what kind of life the cows lead. FWIW, it is a lot less than beef, but yogurt has cholesterol and...
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    Veggie burger ban

    Was this what the original post was about?
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    US California to ban new gas cars by 2035

    That is awesome news!
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    Cats: A Love-Hate Relationship

    A vegan who hates on animals is a fraud.
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    Beautiful Vegan Women

    I am so appalled by all of the tone deaf posts on the Internet asking for dating, partying, socializing advice while the pandemic has only gotten worse. FYI, young people are dying or getting permanent damage from the rona too, just not as much as older people. They are also spreading it to...
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    US California to ban new gas cars by 2035

    Like many people, I was amazed with the improvement in air quality that happened in March with the strict lockdowns. Some cities have floated the idea of banning cars within city limits. Places like NYC, LA, would have people park outside of the city and use public transportation to do their...
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    US California to ban new gas cars by 2035

    GM put out the EV1 in the 1990s due to California threatening to enact a similar law where only cars with very low emissions could be sold. General Motors worked with a pro-Hydrogen car California politician to kill the law and took back all of the EV1s ( leased, not sold ) and destroyed them...
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    US California to ban new gas cars by 2035

    California could also refuse to register new gas powered cars after 2035
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    Beautiful Vegan Women
  17. beforewisdom

    Beautiful Vegan Women

    When the pandemic is over volunteer for animal rights groups, a farm animal sanctuary, the local veg*an organization, or at an animal shelter.
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    I was told I am an idiot today.

    When asked that question I always say "it is a personal choice". Most people will take the hint. Eons ago at a company dinner someone pushed. I gave in ( I wouldn't these days, I would keep evading ), and the woman got angry. Delightfully someone stepped up to my defense and said "You asked...
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    Medications Advice

    Congratulations! Good for you! Enjoy the savings too!