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  1. shyvas

    Animal Advocacy Little Grey & Little White-Free at Long Last!

    This is the best news ever! I hope that The Sea Life Trust continue their good work and free all the animals that are in captivity: ''Beluga whales Little Grey and Little White have been freed from captivity in China to swim in the sea for the first time in nearly a decade. The Sea Life Trust...
  2. shyvas

    What Did You Cook or Bake today?

    Curries are one of my most favourite dishes, especially during the colder winter months. Not only are they very easy to make but freeze perfectly well. Great that you are going to do more cooking. :up:
  3. shyvas

    Supper/Dinner Time! What's on the menu ?

    I'm having a Cumberland style Shroomdog banger with a creamy spinach & artichoke heart bake made with cashew cream and topped with Violife cheese. Blueberries & oat cream/stevia. A glass of shiraz.
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    Music What are you listening to now?

  5. shyvas

    Health Issues US EU The Everything Covid 19 Thread
  6. shyvas

    What Did You Cook or Bake today?

    Spinach & artichoke heart bake made with cashew cream.
  7. shyvas

    Last Thing You Bought?

    Ooops. :D
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    EU I am here!

    DeepL says : Hello to you all, I am happy to have found you. I am 60 years old and live in a village in Germany. I have been living vegetarian for 35 years and vegan for 5 years. Unfortunately I saw the translate button and now I can't write in English here. I hope the program translates so...
  9. shyvas

    Hello everyone!

    That's what I thought. :)
  10. shyvas

    Hello everyone!

    Hello and :welcome: Is that Victoria in Australia or Canada?
  11. shyvas

    Whatcha Eatin?

    A tossed salad with vinaigrette plus a drizzle of virgin linseed oil/pumpkin seeds and yeast flakes. A few crisps. Grapes and yellow plums.
  12. shyvas

    Last Thing You Bought?

    3 Tubs of Pip&Nut peanut butter = 2 kg 400 1 tub (1kg) of P&N almond butter 2 pouches of pea protein. That should get me through the next few months as I eat a lot of nut butters. Order placed on Wiggle with free P&P.
  13. shyvas

    UK Vegan Friendly Towns
  14. shyvas

    Whatcha Eatin?

    My favourite with tons of fluffy roast potatoes and homemade gravy. :)
  15. shyvas

    What's in Your Fruit Bowl ?

    Not too sure about the conversion. A small bag of 5 limes costs € 2 and at Lidl's one avocado cost € 1.10.
  16. shyvas

    What's in Your Fruit Bowl ?

    I need limes and avocados but there are quite expensive over here. :eek:
  17. shyvas

    Beautiful Vegan Women

    Has anyone ever heard of the generation gap? :D I've just learned that anyone born before 1985 is classified as a digital immigrant!:laughing:
  18. shyvas

    Non Processed Snacks for Kids

    Bananas, oatcakes (UK) and peanut butter. The best brand ever is Pip & Nut : ''Pip & Nut's Peanut Butter is made from just-roasted high-oleic Argentinian peanuts and a sprinkling of sea salt. That's it. Naturally nutritious and ridiculously tasty, this nut butter can be eaten for breakfast...
  19. shyvas

    The Weather.

    It's been quite chilly since the last few days. 17°C today and apparently cloudy. However, we have a bright blue sky and lots of sunshine. :(
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    Hello and :welcome: