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  1. Forest Nymph

    Music What are you listening to now?

    I'll never forget this moment about 10 years ago where my sister and I bonded over this song. I couldn't believe she was so much like me, so much like my grandparents. I wish I could find a marriage partner who surprised me the same way my (vegetarian) sister did. Because in every way she's also...
  2. Forest Nymph

    Fashion and Aging

    Wait I know why my mother and grandma's generation wanted to cut their hair and be "ugly" they were so entrapped by sexuality and pantyhose (my mother once went on this long rant about pantyhose, and being an 80s baby, it still made sense to me, because I started wearing pantyhose at SEVEN and...
  3. Forest Nymph

    Fashion and Aging

    I mean here's a PERFECT photo of Johnette Napolitano in 1992. Peak goth girl. I see this being my hairstyle from 45-65. With natural alterations to potential Anne Rice grays previously mentioned above, of course. Was there ever a girl who looked forward to growing up to being the Concrete...
  4. Forest Nymph

    Fashion and Aging

    I'm not sure if anyone here even cares, but I've planned my aging very carefully. Some women are dedicated to girlishly thin, but the thing that always pre-occupied me was HAIR. I noticed as a child of the late 20th century is that a lot of my elders chopped their hair off. Even my mom, at the...
  5. Forest Nymph

    Vintage News

    Oh cool. While I was away from here, I worked in an historic hotel for about a month. I love things that are vintage. Especially prior to 1985.
  6. Forest Nymph

    The Weather.

    The weather lately has made me mentally ill and makes me wonder if I should keep trekking north. I thought this was a good spot for me, and IT IS, it's very resilient to climate change, but we got smoke drift for a few days. We got the Bay Area "apocalypse skies" on Thursday, then terrible smoke...
  7. Forest Nymph

    The Cat Lovers Thread

    I wish I could take a photo of my roommates cat. I mean I can. But of the back of her head on my lap which isn't especially cute. She's a velvety long-haired black cat of about 5 years old. She currently spends more time with me than my roommate who "owns" her. Not talking bad about my roommate...
  8. Forest Nymph

    TV & Film Question-Disney +

    Sorry. I don't know any ways around Disney. For reasons explicitly stated in my last post.
  9. Forest Nymph

    Best Nature Documentaries to Watch

    Tending the Wild and Tending Nature are great documentaries to watch about native Calfornia, I recommend them to everyone. I saw the fire science episode at the Autry museum in LA and were recommended the rest both as an undergrad and a grad student...
  10. Forest Nymph

    TV & Film Question-Disney +

    Disney is an evil empire that spread COVID in the middle of a pandemic. Hope that answers your question.
  11. Forest Nymph

    The Documentary Thread

    I've had a minor obsession with the Keddie Cabins since 2015 or so. I was still living in LA, and something about them hooked into me. I've always been interested in pretty much all true crime, but something about Keddie and its family victims: a single mother, two teen boys, and a very young...
  12. Forest Nymph

    Music What are you listening to now?

    I've become obsessed with Simply Red during the pandemic. My dad was a jazz musician, I am a Lana del Rey fan, I frequently listen to Chet Baker and tons of late 70s/early 80s Top 40 pop-jazz. But this was always too "adult" for me in the late 80s. Now I feel like it holds some mystery of the...
  13. Forest Nymph

    TV & Film The TV Room

    I've had an angry problem with TV for most of my adult life. It's likely to do with my childhood with limited TV and my realization that the less I watched tv the more I understood, and that other people didn't understand me. My grandfather told me "gee those people on television told me about...
  14. Forest Nymph

    1980s: MTV VJ Martha Quinn now in her 60s

    I'm not as old as you but I'm old enough that Martha Quinn is my first memory of MTV besides Julie Brown. I have vague memories of Martha Quinn being a "nice girl" on MTV and Julie Brown being bawdy and funny. I used to watch Just Say Julie at an age that I was likely not supposed to. I also...
  15. Forest Nymph

    Liberal/Conservative Divide

    I think there is a clear liberal and conservative divide on vegans and vegetarians. Less than 2% of American registered Republicans identify as EITHER vegetarian or vegan, while between 16-17% of American Democrats are vegetarians, and American Democrats are between 2.5-3 times more likely to be...
  16. Forest Nymph

    Omni Roommates.

    I want to qualify this by saying it may actually be WORSE in very liberal communities. While the very liberal or leftist may be extremely tolerant towards vegans and even be sympathetic or flexitarian et al. they also are more likely to believe in an abhorrent form of LeVeyan Satanism left over...
  17. Forest Nymph

    Omni Roommates.

    I would suggest you live with someone who is at least a vegetarian. I know vegans who point blank refuse to live with roommates unless it's a partner or known vegan friend. I have live with flexitarians, vegetarians, and vegans, and I can tell you that people who don't see an ethical problem...
  18. Forest Nymph

    Two Documentaries on Point Reyes

    I've been posting a lot for the past year or so about the ecological impact of animal agriculture, and particularly the multi-level effects of cattle ranching which have been repeatedly proven for like the past decade to be unsustainable no matter how many times the USDA tries to save the beef...
  19. Forest Nymph

    Intelligence-As a basis for deciding who lives and dies

    I think animals should die based on how destructive they are to the big picture. That includes humans. For example, I had no issue with the woman who made a statement publicly she wouldn't donate her organs to a non-vegan. People were so shocked and called her Karen, but if you actually...
  20. Forest Nymph

    Was for 6 months

    You sound a lot like my mom who is in her 60s. She's afraid to give up fish. But she eats plant-based meals several times a week, has been off dairy milk longer than I have (since I was literally in my teens, due to lactose intolerance) and is at least not actually abusive towards myself and my...