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  1. Indian Summer

    How can Veganism become more than a Philosophy?

    I'm not sure I understand the question in the title. Could you possibly elaborate, @Ohzen ? Are you asking how we can make vegans become more focused on action rather than debating how many angels can dance on the point of a needle?
  2. Indian Summer

    Becoming Vegan

    Congratulations on your decision to go vegan! You're off to a good start by joining the forum :) Regarding cold tofurkey versus a more gradual approach, I think it depends a bit on your personality. Just remember that the diet you decide to follow (the kind of dishes you eat on a daily basis)...
  3. Indian Summer

    RU Kissel

    I've heard of 'rødgrød' because the word is part of a Danish tongue twister of sorts ('rødgrød med fløde') although I don't think I've ever eaten any. I think I might have had some store-bought blåbärsoppa while visiting Sweden back in the day, but can't remember exactly what it was like.
  4. Indian Summer

    How can Veganism become more than a Philosophy?

    Philosophy and lifestyle - what do vegans in general mean by these terms? To me, a philosophy would be the theoretical framework that explains what veganism is, why it makes sense, why everyone should adopt it and so on. The lifestyle is the practical part of veganism: Which products are...
  5. Indian Summer

    UK Query From a New Vegan

    I don't usually deliberately hurt insects: if a fly/bee/wasp gets into our house, I just open a window and try to shoo it out rather than smack it. I always catch spiders in a cup and then promptly release them outside. I do kill mosquitoes and horseflies as there are limits to my compassion...
  6. Indian Summer

    Greetings from UK

    I moved here in 2006, so it's a while ago now. From Norway.
  7. Indian Summer

    I'm not quite sure what is wrong with my C64 - it won't turn on - but fortunately I have a...

    I'm not quite sure what is wrong with my C64 - it won't turn on - but fortunately I have a second one! :) I now have a USB joystick ("TheC64") and have managed to compile VICE 3.4 and make the joystick work with that. Perfect! But have also been using my other real C64 again recently.
  8. Indian Summer

    Vegan Cheese Options

    Thanks you for sharing that - looks quite useful!
  9. Indian Summer

    Greetings from UK

    Welcome to VF from a fellow immigrant to this land!
  10. Indian Summer

    The Coffee House-Come & Chat With Us! (June 2020)

    Belated Happy Birthday to you, Amy! 🍰
  11. Indian Summer

    Suggestion New rule: premises for discussion

    Thanks again for everyone's input. My ideas for this have moved on a bit from my initial draft. I think it's too wordy for something that is aimed at addressing a specific problem which may not or should not be central to the day-to-day operation of the forum. Just to be clear about the draft...
  12. Indian Summer

    Opted in yesterday, can't see all forums though

    Hi Veganed, Sorry about that. While the Marketplace opt-in had worked, the Lounge one didn't. I've manually added you to the usergroup, so you should now be able to access the Lounge forum.
  13. Indian Summer

    I Ate Dairy After Being Vegan For Over Two Years!

    Hi Alse, and welcome to VF! Dealing with family and social pressure regarding diet and lifestyle are often some of the most challenging aspects of veganism. I can only imagine how hard it can be in a country like India where family and tradition appear to have an even more central role than in...
  14. Indian Summer

    Cheers from the Sunshine Coast 🌞

    Greetings Lisl, and welcome on board! I've been to Germany a couple of times, but never to Australia. Say hello to the kangaroos and koalas from me :)
  15. Indian Summer

    TV & Film The TV Room

    We've watched Space Force on Netflix. It was fairly good, I thought. Also, I've just found out that Ramy season 2 is out. Season 1 was really good, so I highly recommend it.
  16. Indian Summer


    First of all because I'm already a vegan .... and an atheist humanist :) It's nice that there is a vegan-friendly traditional religion out there, but I find the idea of souls and mind-body dualism a little 20th century.
  17. Indian Summer

    Announcement Donations

    You may have noticed the 'Donate' button in the top menu of the forum. And you may have clicked on it and noticed it didn't allow you to do anything much. But if you click on it now, there is something there! As you can see, I've started a "campaign" to collect funds for our license renewal...
  18. Indian Summer

    Nutrition & Diet Veganism Is More Than Just Being Vegan

    Maybe the limited availability of vegan specialty junk foods is exactly the problem? These are the kinds of products that often "complete the protein" for junk food vegans, right? Without that, they'd probably subsist mainly on crisps, french fries, white rice, white pasta and sugary fizzy...
  19. Indian Summer

    Latest Food & Product Recalls

    This is bad - note that the headline mentions milk, but the second paragraph is perhaps even worse! Source: You almost wonder if they're victims of deliberate sabotage ...!
  20. Indian Summer

    News Emissions from Big Dairy match those from entire UK