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    Is it ethically suspect to eat even lab-grown meat?

    Imagine if we were conquered by aliens so much more intelligent than us that we seem like livestock to them. They treat us well but occasionally consume lab-grown human flesh. What would we think of them?
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    Keeping a pet: vegan or non-vegan?

    I really like dogs and would really love to own a dog someday. Is it vegan or buy or adopt a pet and feed it pet-food? What if the pet in question is a service-dog for a disabled person?
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    Vegan Atheists

    Are vegans, especially in the West, more likely to be atheists? It seems impossibly hard to convince Christians and Muslims to become vegan, given that meat-eating is sanctioned in their holy texts.
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    Vegan for two days now

    More energy No more weight gain Able to think more clearly Thanks to Joey Carbstrong and Earthling Ed!
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    Does veganism make you compassionate towards other people?

    Does it? I'm basically wondering if switching to a plant-based diet can change your personality.