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  1. Alex_M

    Vitamin b12 supplements
  2. Alex_M

    Iron deficiency

    Hi Amber, I have dealt with iron deficiency and could give you some info on that. Feel free to message me
  3. Alex_M

    New vegan weight changes...

    Hey Christine, good to hear back from you! I'm glad you figured it out and that it was an easy fix.
  4. Alex_M

    New vegan weight changes...

    Hi Christine, any luck yet?
  5. Alex_M

    15 weeks of veganism and counting!

    Wow, fantastic! ...and inspiring.
  6. Alex_M

    15 weeks of veganism and counting!

    It's great to get another update from you Christine. Fantastic to hear how well it is going for you and your change of mindset too. Pretty rewarding huh? Very true about pesticides and such. I have had an almost exclusively organic diet since I was about 19 (same time I went vegetarian too...
  7. Alex_M

    Lentil recipe ideas

    Try sprouting your lentils and then cooking them, or alternatively sprinkle on salads!
  8. Alex_M

    Another new member here!

    Hi Lucy, Welcome to the forum. I'm pretty new here myself but I have been vegetarian and vegan for sometime. I look forward to checking out your blog.
  9. Alex_M

    Six weeks in!

    Thanks for letting us know how it's been going Christine. Congratulations! Yes, they're going between our bodies and our minds and our food choices is pretty big, and influences a lot of things… not to mention the world too, of course. Funny about your PB sandwiches. Yes, it's easy to find one...
  10. Alex_M

    Meat cravings

    Yes, usually quite repulsive to me too. Even when I have a craving really. More of a physiological craving than anything.
  11. Alex_M

    Meat cravings

    Yes, soy is said to not be a super great thing to eat in big quantities. When I buy tofu now I buy the sprouted kind. I guess it just started showing up in the stores at some point. Apparently fermented soy is also easier to digest, but I guess that's not the only problem with it. I've never...
  12. Alex_M

    Meat cravings

    Yeah, it's probably a nutrient thing. I just wish there was a way to find out exactly what. Seitan is a great idea. I think I would actually really love it but I'm gluten intolerant and it's made of nothing but.
  13. Alex_M

    Meat cravings

    Hi Roger, you might've mis-perceived the feeling in my post. It actually wasn't my intention to communicate the way it might've come across. I agree with everything you say 100% and pretty much all of it has been my own experience. I actually even pointed out that a plant-based diet is more...
  14. Alex_M

    Meat cravings

    Thanks. I actually bought some barbecued flavored veggie burgers. I haven't opened them yet, but I'm on that track! :-)
  15. Alex_M

    Meat cravings

    How do you all handle meat cravings? Does anyone have any ideas what they're all about. There's the usual thinking about some missing nutrients or something like that, but overall a plant-based diet is much more nutritious. I'm sure I could Google it, and probably will still, but real people are...
  16. Alex_M

    Tobacco industry

    Off the cuff I am pretty sure tobacco is a heavy user of pesticides (ironically, nicotine is produced by the plant to act as it's own insecticide type defense), herbicides, fungicides and the like. Maybe even GMO. All the above are certainly poisonous to the Earth in multiple ways. Tobacco...
  17. Alex_M

    Allergic to wheat and soy

    I'm vegan and also gluten-free, which means that I also don't do wheat , of course. I really like quinoa, and so do a lot of folks. I imagine though you've already found some substitutes for it? As for going vegan, that's never really been an issue, except for avoiding sietan, which is...
  18. Alex_M

    Oreos and other accidental vegan treats

    Yes, there is something called Newman O's. Non-health-food health-food. Haven't had em in ages but I agree they are scrumptious. :)
  19. Alex_M

    Vegan recipe blog

    I just searched for your blog and went straight there. You have some really different types of recipes which is nice to see. I like the look of the India ones. Perhaps I'll try some of them out. Good luck to you.
  20. Alex_M


    A little advice... Let's see what I can come up with... Who doesn't like being asked for advice! :-) One thing that helped me is that very early on I bought a book called Healing with Whole Foods, by Paul Prichford (spl?). It's a wonderful book with lots of fantastic information on nutrition...