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  1. Sax

    Suggestion New rule: premises for discussion

    2. Unfortunately many people don't believe in human caused climate change, nevertheless I'd want these folks to feel welcome if they're genuinely interested in veganism. This belief should be as absurd as flat eartherism but that's not the world we live in and there are plenty of intelligent...
  2. Sax

    Should this video be reported for animal curelty?

    Here's the video: I skimmed's basically a squirrel obstacle course video. There's a net to catch the squirrels. It's not very nice but I think cruelty is a stretch. The guy behind the video seems to appreciate squirrels and doesn't intend to hurt them.
  3. Sax

    Music What are you listening to now?

    Sometimes the cover is better than the original
  4. Sax

    The Everything Turmeric Thread

    I sprinkle ground tumeric on my breakfast wraps every morning. But 2-4tsp a day?! I'm trying to flavor my food not ruin it :p
  5. Sax

    Health Issues US EU The Everything Covid 19 Thread

    Okay, I try not to bring partisanship onto the forum but this one's pretty funny:
  6. Sax

    Is veganism really gaining ground?

    No, there's nothing wrong with people who find it hard...but it isn't because veganism is fundamentally difficult - it's not. Being vegan is easy. Transitioning can be difficult, social and family pressure can exacerbate that, health and digestive issues can definitely complicate things. You've...
  7. Sax

    Comparative ratings of media source accuracy and bias

    I put the previous nights' NewsHour on each morning while I make breakfast. I think Lisa's kinda cute!
  8. Sax

    Comparative ratings of media source accuracy and bias

    Cool thanks for sharing. I like Reuters the best for just plain old what's-going-on-in-the-world news but they don't do much to connect the dots into a larger story...which is where bias is more likely to come into play. Washington Post, The Atlantic, and The Guardian are my other top...
  9. Sax

    May Health Challenge

    My gym re-opened so I went back for the first time today. Turns out two months is plenty of time to get fat and weak :laughing:
  10. Sax

    The Coffee House-Come & Chat With Us!(May 2020)

    One of my friends got a shock collar for her dog to prevent him from running off because people often shoot dogs around where she lives when they hassle their livestock. So she's hurting an animal to prevent the animal from being killed for interfering with other people hurting and killing other...
  11. Sax

    Is veganism really gaining ground?

    I don't see this as an either/or kind of thing. Every movement experiences internal tension between hardliners and pragmatists but if the infighting can be kept to a minimum that's okay. Hardliners succeed when they force a debate on principles, and that lays the groundwork for pragmatists to...
  12. Sax

    Corona Virus - The Silver Lining Thread

    There's been a nation-wide cycling boom. I'm seeing a lot more riders out there...bikes are almost sold out everywhere and old bikes that have been collecting dust are getting repaired and ridden again.
  13. Sax

    Wild Animal Suffering

    Applying human values to human society is very different from applying human values to nature/ecology. Also, humans don't need to murder to survive. I'm not a utilitarian, I don't think minimizing suffering is the highest goal. If we can avoid inflicting suffering that's the extent of our...
  14. Sax

    Wild Animal Suffering

    We don't have a moral obligation to protect animals from nature and the hardships it holds. It's sad that animals suffer in the wild but systematically interfering with ecosystems in an attempt to force our values onto nature is, as @Mischief, just plain arrogant.
  15. Sax

    Is animal farming always wrong?

    Yes, treating living beings as property to be killed for profit is always wrong. That's about all the intellectual depth this question deserves.
  16. Sax

    US Whats morally wrong

    If you took a single human girl and treated her according to standard dairy industry practices by the end of her short miserable life you would be guilty of kidnapping, rape, torture, infanticide, murder and cannibalism. Now maybe we disagree on the moral difference between cows and humans, but...
  17. Sax

    The Coffee House-Come & Chat With Us!(April 2020)

    So I posted a couple days ago about finding someone's phone with a busted up screen and getting it back to them...literally the next day I lost my phone and got it back last night with a busted up screen.
  18. Sax

    News Senator Booker is Right About Factory Farming

    Another good article from National Review, this one by the Dominion author Matthew Scully. "Acknowledging that Western societies have every moral reason to condemn the barbarism...